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    Ft All shiny ursaring,magikarp,mr mime,luxray,teddiursa,sealeo,krikitune,2x psyduck,misdreavus,petilil,happiny,chatot,2x piplup,prinplup,pachirusu,lick y lick,starkly,turtwig,2x shinx,electabuzz,hippowdon (f), geodude, 2x bidoof and a ponyta, these are all dupes LF shiny unowns and eevee, my...
  2. K

    Does anyone have Ha Galar starters rejects

    I am offering, ability capsules, mints, alcremie sweets for breed jets as I do not have mobile app to obtain them, can someone help
  3. K

    HA sableye

    Bump, I have ha Duraludon Purserker Baraskewder Applin G darmanatan Cursola Sinistea Indededee I can breed nature for you if you would like
  4. K

    HA sableye

    Hi does anyone a have a prankster sableye spare, a breedject I could have, um just ask for some stuff and I’ll see what I have.Thank you kindly
  5. K

    Aprimon and HA Pokemon FT

    I'm really interested in the ha moonball vulpix, all I have is a beastball to trade
  6. K

    LF: Masuda MethodMon IVs don't matter

    Have you been surprise trading, you get loads of foreign mons from that?
  7. K

    FT: Apricorn Balls, Fossils and HA Pokémon

    Hi, I have a shiny rookidee with egg moves, may I have the ha moonball snom, pm me please, if you can help
  8. K

    Rikue's Pokemon Shop -- FT: 6IV, 0 SPD, JPN Dittos & Shinies; LF: Masterballs, Apriballs, HAs

    Hi, I'm would really like your ha moonball snom,I bred an extra shiny stonejourner and it's looking for a good home, pm if you can trade.thanks
  9. K

    Dynamax help

    Ok cool, congrats on the Shuckle!
  10. K

    Dynamax help

    I ll help you out if you want, set a link code then tell me
  11. K

    Lf HA INdeedee ft shiny ha magikarp

    Yes, still available, I'm on uk time, can you pm me for code and when your around, cheers
  12. K

    Lf HA INdeedee ft shiny ha magikarp

    I know we had an event of shiny magikarp but I really would like a ha indeedee, any breedject,any ev,iv girl boy..doesn't matter, if any one would be so kind as to help, will chuck bottle cap on it if that helps, Thanks for reading if you got this far.
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    LF scrappy farfetchd ft eiscue in love ball

    Vwhats your ingame name
  14. K

    LF scrappy farfetchd ft eiscue in love ball

    Yeh, do you wanna pm me a code near the time? So we don't get sniped lol
  15. K

    LF scrappy farfetchd ft eiscue in love ball

    Cool yeh deal, I'm on uk time if that helps, so at 1 ish get ok?
  16. K

    LF scrappy farfetchd ft eiscue in love ball

    as stated, looking for ha farfetchd, I have eiscue in love ball with egg moves, belly drum, I will chuck a bottle cap on too, as its christmas lol, Tis the season of perpetual hope..can someone trade me please.
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    Jive been stalking forums for a ha duraludon in heavy ball and I saw you in a post, sorry to...

    Jive been stalking forums for a ha duraludon in heavy ball and I saw you in a post, sorry to disturb you but I would very much like one, trying to put a team together for vgc, for trade I have ha falinks,perrserker and baraskuda I can breed and I got bottle caps I can give em, pm if you can...
  18. K

    Help me with this Rain Team

    Thought about a drednaw for interuption? Crunch and rock tomb for flinch Muddy water for accuracy drops..I'm new too What do you think, if you manage to get a ha, it doubles in the rain for speed
  19. K

    LF HA Barraskuda-FT G-max kingler

    Looking for ha barruskuda, can be pre evo too, I have a 4 star g max kingler for trade, will even throw a bottle cap on there to sweeten the deal, Pm if you can help. Cheers pokepeeps