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    Shy's XY Trade Shop

    Hello! I highly interested in a foreingh Ditto with perfect IVs' I don't care about the nature. This is what I have to offer. Chimchar 31/31/31/X/31/31 with Iron Fist and 2 Egg Moves. Vulpiz 31/31/31/31/X/31 with Drought and 2 Egg Moves. I have a bunch of HA pokemon and a Victiny...
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    I'll be available all night today. So let me know when ever your ready!:D
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    No problem, although I'm glad to say I'm ready with all 3 Pokemon! So I'm ready for trade when you are!! :) Thank you!!
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    Hello Kim, I'm behind on the Smooshum and it might take a few more days, but I already have the Other 2 ready, if you want we can trade Ledyba and Wailmer for Poliwag HA and the Enigma Berry, and then later this week I can trade you Smoochum HA for the Lasat Berry. I'll be online all night, PM...
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    Hey there! No worries about the Ditto! How about a HA Poliwag? :) Thanks!
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    Hey there! I have Wailmer and Ledyba ready, I'm still working on Smoochum. I was gonna ask you, I was able to find a Sableye and Dratini HA, so I was wondering if its possible to ask for a good breeding Ditto instead? Doesn't need to have HA, nor shiny (although a different region would be...
  7. M

    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    Awesome! I'm working on Ledyba now :) Hopefully Ill be all done by Wednesday! Ill let you know When I'm all done! Thank you so much and enjoy your birthday week!!
  8. M

    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    Oh, no I was only expecting one, not 3 of them. I would gladly just have the enigma berry, either the lasat or the starf berry and Sableye HA or Dratini . So one pokemon ha and 2 berries for 3 HA Pokemon! I hope that is fine! Let me know! Thank you!
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    I will most certainly will!! It might take me a bit pobably till the end of the week, but since you said tomorrow is your birthday (happy birthday btw:D ) I don't think you will mind. Is it going to be 1 per berry? That would be find, but in case I can squeeze a a pokemon there, I would love a...
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    Thank you for your respond! Unfortunetly I don't know the egg moves yet, I just got into Gen 6 agains in only a few months ago. BUt I can give you a list of the HA pokemon I have and if you want me to breed some egg move into it I will gladly do so: Here are my HA Pokemon: Please let me...
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    ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~

    Hello, I actually only want the Enigma berry. Also maybe the Lasat and Starf berries as well. Since I only want the berries, I have no idea what to offer you. What would you be interested in? I have a few pokemon with HA. I apologize I did not use the trade form. Thank you!
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    Black Ice Clan

    Anyone has Black City developed? I have negleted mine and now im in desperate need of a Water Stone =/, let me know! Need 2 actually...
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    Black Ice Clan

    If your having trouble with Hyderigon surviving, its probably its EV/IVs But depends on what you want, if you want a sweeper I suggest Item Life Orb Nature Timid/Modest ~ Draco Meteor / Dragon Pulse ~ Dark Pulse ~ Fire Blast / Flamethrower ~ Protect This was the set that was used VGC 12, I...
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    Did you use your Elemental Monkey?

    Yea, to me the monkeys were not attractive at al (and pokemon has really burned out monkeys), Straight to the box for me! I swear, Game Freak, give monkeys a rest, no more! There are millions of animals in the animal kingdom to use as reference, as a petition, no more monkeys!
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    Favorite Dream World Pokemon with hidden ability

    My favorite so far Sableye- Prankster Espeon- Magic Bounce (Prankster is freaking sweet!)
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    Tipo, 27 a~os en puerto rico y yo pensaba que era el unico manganzon que jugaba pokemon lol...

    Tipo, 27 a~os en puerto rico y yo pensaba que era el unico manganzon que jugaba pokemon lol, ahora que me mudo, encuentro un comunidad en PR! Esta brutal! Pero na mano pa eso esta el internet!
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    #133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

    Looking for F DW eevee, if it has wish even better. I have : 2012 Darkrai and Victini Shiny: Legit Shiny Shinx
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    Thanks! Im also a nintendo fan! Smash fot the win!

    Thanks! Im also a nintendo fan! Smash fot the win!
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    Ok, posted the applicatio. Hope I get elected.

    Ok, posted the applicatio. Hope I get elected.
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    Black Ice Clan

    Username: Mike Jushiro Fourth gen friend code: I have both PL and SS but do not use them online Fifth gen friend code: On my Sig PO Username: MIKE Favorite Pokémon: Gengar A little about yourself: I am a Pokemon veteran. Been playing since day one. I shall die one day as a 85 year old Pokefan...