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    Questions to Pokemon Gamers....

    Thanks Guys It was Great Help Every one!!!!!
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    Anti-Metagame Pokemon

    Houdoom to against Ferrothorn and Chandelure combie in Single Battle
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    Questions to Pokemon Gamers....

    Hi guys..;390;;391;;392; just wanna ask few Interview(?) Questions to Pokemon Players. Please Can you Help me for my school assesment? 1.how long have you played pokemon games? 2.Are you Casual Pokemon player or competitive hardcore(?) pokemon player? 3.Do you Still love playing...
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    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    finally i ve got Drought Vulpix,,, now i need drizzle Politoad.... Ahhh.....
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    should Mewtwo come back?

    i wish to retrun or on movie
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    VGC 10 Discussion Thread

    LOL go kyogre
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    i wonder why Grenn version didnt released in English???

    yeah.. i wonder why??? because its too many for release??? including yellow version???
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    Did you use Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle in Yellow?

    yeah i made up Ash team in yellow version
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    Your first Card

    mine was meotwo, first movie promo and i dunno where it is
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    Your first Card

    mine was meotwo, first movie promo and i dunno where it is
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    Pokemon-Themed Foodstuffs

    i think most people know about 'pokemon bread' in japan pokemon bread was released my home country 'korea' as well and each pack of the bread include a sticker when i was in korea in 1999 12yrs old(tat was first time for pokemon came out in my country) i used to eat tat bread to...
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    Past champions

    not about this topic but i wanna see ash and cynthia doing battle each other......maybe i can watch in sinnou league
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    Your most powerful 1st gen Pokemon???

    charlizard venusaur blastoise raichu pigeot butterfree ash team
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    Should ash change his battling style???

    well.....its getting great for 10 yrs old kid. but he needs to evolve earlier
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    ahh....i no wat u mean.. connection power... yeah it was 3 i swear..some times it disconnected...

    ahh....i no wat u mean.. connection power... yeah it was 3 i swear..some times it disconnected even it has 3
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    and wat is bar???

    and wat is bar???
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    geez the some of medem is sh%$$

    geez the some of medem is sh%$$
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    wat jus happened??

    wat jus happened??
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    fc is on my sign too

    fc is on my sign too