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    Viz re-released Pokemon Adventures in the U.S.!

    Nice. :D I'm jazzed about this now. Sounds like a great effort.
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    DP 119 and 120

    I had expected Mamoswine to not listen for a bit longer, although not that much. Mmm, assuming this really is Charizard Chills: Mamoswine Edition, I'm betting it'll be in the next Contest. Ha, what if the twerps travel around on it? Ooh, Aggron. :D Always been a bit fond of that one...
  3. L

    Jessie's Wobbuffet

    The very concept of Wobbuffet is that when you first see it in the games, the vast majority of players would just throw a Poké Ball at it and keep it locked away in the PC. Some people may look at its attacks, notice is has no offensive moves, and thus consider it a goofy-looking waste of data...
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    Region 1 Battle Dimension DVDs Out 6/23

    Isn't is so fun when that happens? XD Yeah, on... *double checks* March 17. Hmm, looks like they pushed it back from March 3. And come to think of it, it was originally going to be released in early January (or was it February?). Huh, wonder why they've been pushing it back.
  5. L

    Region 1 Battle Dimension DVDs Out 6/23

    They're going with the same format as season 10, with two single discs and a boxset compilation of the two. Rinse and repeat twice and we got all of season 11. Mmm, I'm glad they're continuing Sinnoh. Johto and Hoenn'd be nice, though. :P
  6. L

    New Pokemon Dungeon Game

    I like the "send over your data from MD2" idea. That or the player and partner in this game would be different characters from the player and partner in MD2. Definitely in favor of this being a sequel rather than a remake. The former would be like an unexpected dream come true, the latter...
  7. L

    New Pokemon Dungeon Game

    Doubt the title's real. MD3 having such a similar title to MD2's would simply be confusing, and a third version for MD2 would be moronic. Unless maybe that third version were a very extended version for Wii, but still. :| Hoping whether it's for Wii or DS, we drop all this "multiple version"...
  8. L

    "Legend Of OO" Patent?

    I adore the idea of rewatchable cutscenes and maybe rechallengable dungeons in Zelda. Hope that's true. I'm thinking, based merely on the picture, that the "hint" will just be this game's Navi/Elzo/Minda/whoever.
  9. L

    Do you think Brock should get a movie dedicated to him?

    Yeah, I was just speculating a bit on what they would do with him if they deemed him worthy of having a large movie part. I'd rather they would avoid that route, really. Of course, it's not going to happen anyway. D:
  10. L

    Do you think Brock should get a movie dedicated to him?

    Subtract the Regis and add Phione and Raikou, and I'm sold on that idea. Eh, assuming we're still in DP as of Movie 13 (which doesn't look too unlikely at this point) I could see it being a one-off after the trilogy of the first three DP movies. Brock and/or Team Rocket playing huge rules...
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    Gender Race!!!!

    144 Hur hur.
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    What Episodes Have You Not Seen...

    -The two clip episodes. Some of the later JLC eps: -Control Freak -The Art of Pokémon -Current Events -Doin' What Comes Natu-rally! -The Big Balloon Blow-Up -The Screen Actor's Guilt -Right On, Rhydon! -The Kecleon Caper -The Joy of Water Pokémon -Got Miltank? -Fight for the Light...
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    Battle of the Japanese Openings - Sinnoh

    High Touch. Probably just because it's the newer of the two. 'sides, it's adorable. I love the lyrics. I kinda hope that after this we'll get back to the "cool" openings like Battle Frontier and Spurt, though. :O
  14. L

    Favourite Team Rocket Member?

    Wobbuffet. :D Out of those listed, um... Well, one of the trio. I can't decide which.
  15. L

    Alright, I know this is a really weird question, but...*SPOILERS*

    Brock Lt. Surge Giovanni Prof. Oak Bruno Chuck Prof. Birch Noland Brandon Volkner And if Ash were 16-20ish, I just know he'd be hot. Or as hot as an undetailed animated character can be, anyway. Also, probably some COTDs I can't remember. Oh, and the obligatory "No, I don't do...
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    Your Nintendo Game Collection

    These, plus I can dip into my little sister's collection whenever I please. Almost all of her Gamecube games were once mine, anyway. SNES SNES 2 N64 (Black) GCN (Black) Wii (White) GBC (Translucent Purple) GBA (Purple) GBA SP (Black) DS (Silver) DS Lite (Crimson and Black) SNES...
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    Gender Race!!!!

    247. Guys shall prevail.
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    Ash's team evolving soon???

    Oh, dear Arceus in the Hall of Origin above, please let the Staraptor be Ash's. We've been waiting long enough. I kinda want the four different Arceus stickers to be Arceus in other plate forms, heh. How are they going to handle that, anyway?
  19. L

    Which Pokemon COTD got the best/worst portrayal?

    Agreed with the Clamperl and Nincada lines. I've actually been thinking Gorebyss would make for a good Pokémon for a Coordinator to have. Am I the only one who liked Deoxys's portrayal? Depending on where those things originate from, they could theoretically travel aimlessly in space for...
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    Gender Race!!!!

    And it's 361.