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  1. K

    Done! Sorry about that.

    Done! Sorry about that.
  2. K

    Jersey Shore

    I didn't see the finale, but I heard that it was kind of not-that-exciting. I'm just glad that Ron and Sam are over. It's not like they were actually providing anything for the show. Plus, they were absolutely horrible for each other. It was like watching a train wreck that started in the...
  3. K

    Count to 100 before a mod posts!

    49 <----- pretty cool number.
  4. K

    Has the Bike become a totally pointless item?

    I think that it's not as important as it has been in past games. But it's still pretty important for breeding and egg-hatching. And of course it's fun to ride on the bridges! It's a shame though that the best bike music(Black and White's) is probably for the bike that you use the least.
  5. K

    Pokemon Secrets!

    At my school you're not allowed to brag about ANY video games. That includes CoD, Assassin's Creed, Pokemon, or anything really. You're uncool if you play video games in general. And I don't worry about being cool. Not in the least. But when you've got the whole school against you it's hard to...
  6. K

    Charlie Sheen

    Wouldn't that be stirred? I personally think Charlie Sheen is some kind of mastermind that will enslave all of mankind. He is winning after all. /sarcasm.
  7. K

    Favorite microwavable food

    POPCORN! but taquitos are pretty good too.
  8. K

    Everybody Hates Chris

    I absolutely love this show. It's just too funny. I love the episode where Chris and his brother sneak out to see Wayne Gretski and those two guys try and fight with them on the subway(i think) and they realize that his brother's jersey is spelled wrong. ahhh, good show. Good show.
  9. K

    Charlie Sheen

    He's bi-winning. He's winning over here and he's winning over there. Obviously this man is extremely stable and we should all look up to him for advice and life-lessons.
  10. K

    Jersey Shore

    I love the way they were pronouncing Mario. MA-rio Brothas.
  11. K

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.

    Because your feet are made out a cheese. Why can't I eat socks?
  12. K

    Gender Race V.3

    155 and yeah.
  13. K

    Gender Race V.3

    155 hahaha!
  14. K

    post a lie about the above person.

    Is a drag queen.
  15. K

    Jersey Shore

    Oh, get off your scholar stick and enjoy some good, old-fashioned trash tv. Seriously.
  16. K

    Good Ol' Rating of the User Title Above You

    10/10 Violently engaging~
  17. K

    The Fail/Win! Game.

    You fail for not laughing at the bad pun that I MADE UP!
  18. K

    Rebecca Black

    Don't you mean we're missing the fried egg? GOSH I BETTER GET MY CEREAL THEN!
  19. K

    Rebecca Black

    Guess we'll just have to you know...knock her out with a shovel and put her in the trunk.
  20. K

    New Characters Discussion

    Yeah other than him though...