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    Scary and strange encounters in public

    Seriously, half of this thread just mentions people messing with you/ joking/ taking advantage of your timidness in a non harmful sort of way. You guys are really scared of strangers, either that or you've had some pretty messed up experiences about life outside the house. I would have found...
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    cloning: ethical or not

    Some people have got the idea of cloning all wrong. When you clone, a new organism is born with the same genetic structure. When you clone an extinct animal, it'll likely not be able to survive because it won't have any parents or other animals of the same species to teach it how to behave...
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    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

    Hey dude, the whole of India does not celebrate it so hugely. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's only the maharashtrians. Also I'm pretty sure that this is against the rules, but whatever. Happy Ganesh Chathurthi.
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    Atheism is "cool"

    everytime I hear the word religion or people discussing it I think, "religion lol"
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    that would have been a very interesting song indeed. well for me i'm not THAT old, so its kind of in between.
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    Well, I'm from India. My family's from Calcutta and I was raised there but now we live in Mumbai.

    Well, I'm from India. My family's from Calcutta and I was raised there but now we live in Mumbai.
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    Respond to my signature

    I have broken teh rulez lets play the Em chord in celebration. *praaaaaeeeeeeeoooooooo*
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    Second Language

    English, Hindi, Bengali and somewhat Sanskrit.
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    Ok, they need to stop making the first gym rock type

    Well fire type pokemon ARE pretty badass. So to avoid little kids from always picking fire type the make the first gym strong against it. yeah, simple logic.
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    The Heat Death

    Its easy to think of ways in which our world will be destroyed. But have we ever thought of cool ways to save it? Cosmology FTW. Lets make aliens our slaves and save us from global warmin'.
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    High Age Limit for Pregnancy

    I don't think its right if they just put a age limit like that. Any idea what it is based on? Also I agree that minimum age limit would be more useful, but isn't it there already? I don't know.
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    What's your favorite toy?

    my guitar. I hope that counts as a toy?
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    Pokemon question: Do EV points start accumulating from the very first battle after yo

    Well you got your question's answer. It will get its exp.
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    Strange Saturn Radio Signal

    I never knew Pink Floyd had a concert on Saturn! This is awesome.
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    The pizza thread

    This thread makes me hungry...
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    Lucky you. My wifi has been changed to WPA so I can't use it anymore :(

    Lucky you. My wifi has been changed to WPA so I can't use it anymore :(
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    great, pyrose. how're you doing?

    great, pyrose. how're you doing?
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    End of the world

    I'd expect that humans mutate into slimy creatures which breath nitrogen rather than oxygen and stay burrowed underground, but with huge brains and limited physical strength.
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    Factory Secrets

    I <3 Home made food.
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    Super Effective?

    - Psychic people get scared of the dark - Birds can poke the fighter in the eye, leaving him incapable of fighting - Dragons will fight each other over teritorry - I don't really know why since Acid can easily melt steel. - People can drill into ice and make ice sculptures out of...