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    Competitive Single Rates (5th Gen Standard OU) - READ FIRST POST

    Those aren't Swamperts EVs, they're his Stats. There is a thread describing EVs and IVs on here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=499840 That's a terrible nature for Swampert, you want Relaxed or Impish. As for your description, that is not an achievable goal.
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    Need Help for First Competetive team!

    Examples of support pokemon would be Vaporeon, Forettress, Skarmory or Blissey. Support pokemon are generally sturdy pokemon who's primary goal is not to deal damage to the opponent. For example, Vaporeon supports it's team by passing Wishes to team mates, healing them, as well as countering...
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    Hello and Welcome! [OU RMT]

    Bump. I'd like to see if I can get some constructive rates :/
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    Leads in 5th Gen

    So it is my understanding that with the introduction of Black and White, before each battle you see the opponents party, and are then able to switch which pokemon is in the 1st slot (your lead). In my opinion this renders dedicated Lead Pokemon such as Suicide Leads and Anti-Leads completely...
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    Haha, no worries man.

    Haha, no worries man.
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    Figger'd I'd post here so not as to spam up my RMT :) In Sand Storm, all Rock type Pokemon get...

    Figger'd I'd post here so not as to spam up my RMT :) In Sand Storm, all Rock type Pokemon get a x 1.5 Boost in Special Defense. So Tyranitar gets increased SpDef.
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    Competitive Single Rates (5th Gen Standard OU) - READ FIRST POST

    First off I'm going to be sincere. You have to post in the format that SDhusky already linked you to. EG: Pokemon @ Hold Item EVs: (these are not merely the stats of your pokemon these are Effort Values) Nature: Ability: Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Description: What you want the pokemon to do...
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    Hello and Welcome! [OU RMT]

    In actual fact Rain teams do not destroy me, not only do I have Tyranitar to prevent Rain, but in Sand (upon his switch in) he gains a 1.5 times boost in Special Defense, so even Super Effective water attacks will have a hard time KOing. I also have Choice Scarf Garchomp who is resistant to...
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    Pokemon Black Team Rate

    First thing I notice is that you are maxing out your EVs entirely, which isn't wise. Being that you gain a stat point for every four EVs it makes sense to have all of your EVs divisible by four, being that 255 is not divisible by four, drop it down to 252. EG: Crawdaunt@focus sash 255 speed...
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    Hi! your prety good at pokemon team rating :) do you think you could take a look at mine? :D Id...

    Hi! your prety good at pokemon team rating :) do you think you could take a look at mine? :D Id like your opnion cos you seem to know a fair amount :P
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    Competitive Single Rates (5th Gen Standard OU) - READ FIRST POST

    Just a quick point, you a better over all defensive potential if you max out Hp first. So a better EV spread might be 252Hp 136Def 120pDef Still a Bold Nature mind :)
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    Hello and Welcome! [OU RMT]

    It's a common misconception that pokemon in a Sand Storm team should all be immune to it, as a lot of the time there will be common type weaknesses such as Fighting or Water. It's more out of chance that only one member doesn't resist SS. I can't say I've ever come up against a Bulk Up / Rest...
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    Theoretical team (some aren't released yet)

    Seeing as how you rated my team I thought I may as well return the favour :) Straight off you should get rid of Rain Dance on Bronzong, not only do you not have any Swift Swim abusers, but Politoad does a much better job of Rain setting what with him gaining Drizzle as a Dream World ability...
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    Hello and Welcome! [OU RMT]

    But as I said, it was my understanding that leads are obsolete due to the fact that you now view your opponents team before you battle and you are allowed to choose a lead from there, so I don't have one :/ And to restate my question: Do you think running Max Speed is worth it?
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    Hello and Welcome! [OU RMT]

    Ah you're right, it doesn't outrun ScarfGar. It ouruns Scarfed base 100's and something else. I can't exactly remember. Excadrill is not my lead, I was under the impression that you can choose leads after viewing your opponents team, making leads obsolete, hence I do not have one. mmk? Yes...
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    Hello and Welcome! [OU RMT]

    Overview Hi everyone! This is my first 5th gen team, and my first team in about half a year, truth be told. As I said, it's my first crack at a 5th Gen team, as I was big into my fourth Gen competitive however I quit for a while. So naturally it's taken a while to adjust to all these new...