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    Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

    Hello Serebii..*Yawn* Kinda sleepy ~_~ Well anyway im creating a new team centered around a lucario with well...A standard SD Lucario set and i wanted to know should i use gengar or Rotom-H...I know They both counter lucario weaknesses which are fighting and Ground but i dont know which should i...
  2. K

    I was losing a lot lately...

    Just give Choice Scarf on flygon and you will be fine. I will rate more l8ter.
  3. K

    Rate My Curse Vaporeon Sweep Team!

    Hi Green Draco, Nice team you have there Not much to say but If you want to add little bit more attack power You can replace Blissey With Snorlax. I feel it can help your team alittle bit more beacuse Snorlax not only take Electric Hits But it can fight back..With EQ Which can get rid of Jolteon...
  4. K

    Look dude, Im sorry for what i done yesterday...It was very disrespectful and stupid of me...I...

    Look dude, Im sorry for what i done yesterday...It was very disrespectful and stupid of me...I was so fed up yesterday for various reasons and i was grumpy...I talked to fast before i even read your whole suggestion of my team. And im very sorry it was not only immature but ****ing Stupid. Look...
  5. K

    Offensive Threat List

    Yea i know But I noticed that Scizor Kills alot of Things in the offensive Threat list...And also This post Dont need the glamour it dont need The Looks...It's Just a simple Yet Useful Guide to the Offensive Counters. No need to make a new one.
  6. K

    Offensive Threat List

    O.o Great Guide...Is it possible to counter Every Single one of those offensive threats with one team...If so im on to making a epic team. Great Guide dude, Marvelous.
  7. K

    Arg This team is epic Fail...I went 0-200 on Shoddy Battle Please Help Me D:

    Obviously you know nothing about this team Beacuse Suicune Resist Fighting and Heatran Say Hi to a incomming Lucario...Try giving a better post Than that...And obviously im not switching Porygon 2 With Zapdos Beacuse Porygon 2 Counters things like gyra Swampert and Latias.
  8. K

    Arg This team is epic Fail...I went 0-200 on Shoddy Battle Please Help Me D:

    Also, Anyone have any suggestions about Me against Kindra?
  9. K

    Arg This team is epic Fail...I went 0-200 on Shoddy Battle Please Help Me D:

    Alright thanks Reno. Anything else D:?
  10. K

    Arg This team is epic Fail...I went 0-200 on Shoddy Battle Please Help Me D:

    The point where you can't do anything right. At this time your existence is pointless. You are a failure and will always be a failure. If you score lower on a test than a class of retarded 4th graders, you are an epic failure. Team Epic Failures Well this team is epic fail...I need no...
  11. K

    Meet the Team (OU)

    Scizor@Choice Band. Swords Dance~Replace with U-Turn. Takes care of Latias. Bullet Punch Brick Break~Replace with Pursuit Once again if a latias Try to switch it's going to get OHKOed by it's Pursuit. Roost~huh? No....SuperPower Goes here.
  12. K

    Please rate/fix my Pokemon Team

    This team looks fairly Simple...Just a standard Team. But it looks like you just picked 6 randomly Strong pokemon and Just stacked them together...At a glance i can see a huge Mixape weakness...If you can switch weavile with a sturdy lead like swampert or metagross..Beacuse weaviles Lose to...
  13. K

    Yet another UU Team. (Defensive-ish)

    This team looks fairly Decent. But the only thing i think you should change is toxic And put Haze up there...It really helps your team if a Pokemon is trying set up and haze stop them in their tracks...I'll rate Your team fully tomorrow. ~King.
  14. K

    Updated Kanto Team!

    Let me try to rate this team in a positive Yet Respectful Manner. ~King.
  15. K

    Rate my UU team! suggestions please :D

    Changes in BOLD
  16. K

    A Beautiful guide on Double Battling.

    WELCOME Team Strategies: Usually in any type of metagame, there is a dominating strategy. Something that is broken, but not enough to be banned. A 2+ Pokémon combination that is used coherently. Well, in Double Battles, that exists, and here I will list some of the most popular and...
  17. K

    The Unsing Heroes {UU RMT................................}

    Nvm, I need to stop skimming through.
  18. K

    The Unsing Heroes {UU RMT................................}

    Sorry for bumping this post up but uh..How does this team do against mismagius?
  19. K

    Roserade: Need help.

    Roserade (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Naive nature (+Spd, -SDef) - Leaf Storm - Sludge Bomb - Synthesis - Shadow ball You cannot go wrong with that set Go for it.