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    The Game Will Never be the Same

    hydration will not make vaporeon uber. Even with rain it cant touch blissey, so its usage may rise a bit but the hydration sets will mostly be gimmicky.
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    {OU} AgilliGross ///

    fail bump i actually put some time into this so yeah
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    {OU} AgilliGross ///

    Hello you lot! Right this is my second proper RMT, my first being a long long time ago. After mucking around with various teams in all the tiers I’ve finally settled on a half decent team but its having some issues…CRE is currently hovering around 1350. Team Building: I decided to base it...
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    UU lead... Cloyster@Leftovers/Focus Sash/Lum Berry 252 HP/ 252 SDef/4 Atk -Spikes -Rapid Spin -Rock Blast -Ice Shard Thoughts? Leftovers means i can come back in to spin later on, focus sash lets me beat life orb moltres but not much else and Lum berry is for sleep leads, can't really pick...
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    Problems with Rain Team [UU]

    Clefable@Damp Rock 252 HP/152 Def/100 Sp.D -Encore -Wish -Rain Dance -Protect/Seismic Toss Those Ev's are just me guessing, i'm sure there is something better/ Seismic toss is so you're not complete taunt bait, the rest is self explanatory
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    Problems with Rain Team [UU]

    Replace Electrode with Lead Uxie, Uxie@Damp Rock Impish 252HP/252 Def/ 4 SDef -Stealth Rock -U-Turn -Rain Dance -Toxic/Yawn/T-wave Sets up rocks AND Rain. U Turn to get a sweeper in for free and can come back later and repeat. Last spot is debatable. Toxic can wear down bulky waters...
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    Trick room team Take 2

    Use heatran, better coverage and a great revenge killer...sceptile in OU is, meh. Does he really need a rapid spinner? none of his pokes are weak to SR and he wont be switching around that much anyway....Replace Slowking with the Scarftran mentioned earlier. Also EQ >shadow punch on Dusknoir...
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    Rotom beefs up a SS team

    for example as you start setting up T-spikes, or spinning with Forry, in comes scizor. As you switch out he Swords dances. if you don't switch out thats another free dance. it then can then wreck havok with bug bite/bullet punch. Rotom-H solves this with overheat
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    [Do not insert witty title here] OU RMT

    All i can say is i really really don't think forretress should be leading. More often than not it is just forced straight out again. However as you said yourself there is not much else to lead with without ruining your teams core/synergy... The only thing i could suggest without changing pokes...
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    Team Hax Hatred

    If your still unsure about the lead why not put Machamp there? Machamp@Lum Berry No Guard 252 HP/252 Atk./ 4 Speed -Dynamic Punch -Substitute -Encore -Stone Edge/Payback Beats sleep leads and usually kills one or two pokes and annoys the hell out of people (encoring SR then people have to take...
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    Rate My Team, UU

    lol savior you fail. NU's are allowed in UU. Its quite simple. We all play shoddy here, your just plain wrong.\ Right onto the Team. DO You have a lead or not...its not quite clear...if you still want to use this in UU i suggest you get a bulky lead who can set up rocks and just generally...
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    The Rise Of Charizard! (UU RMT)

    Id love to use it but...then ill have a massive bug weakness, i can see rhyperior with megahorn ripping through it
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    The Rise Of Charizard! (UU RMT)

    I did consider it, but i cant see a way of making it work without making theteam too defensive again(removing ursaring), or by ruining balance. I need the spinner, claydol, i need someone to block set up sweepers and aralyze things, clefable, and i need a culky water counter venusaur, which can...
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    Need4Speed [VGC RMT]

    He doesn't need meanlook, the strategy is to take out the first two pokes so that the opponent has only 2 left. Then they cannot switch as thats all there pokemon hence perish song will work.
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    The Rise Of Charizard! (UU RMT)

    Well The thing is linoone dosn't get ruined by Priority as easily as quoted from a similar pokemon website And IF linoone has priority most of these problems are removed
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    The Rise Of Charizard! (UU RMT)

    Heres the changes i think i need to make. Drop Frosslass and move Uxie To lead, Bring in Ursaring as The First Sweeper to make a few holes. Drop Umbreon who seems to do little for this team, bring in the Venusaur mentioned above, which still provides sleep and gives me a way to take down Bulky...
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    The Rise Of Charizard! (UU RMT)

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    Sandstorm for Standard - Fixes, Criticism, etc. WELCOME

    Sorry i did not mena heatran to counter ape. and no swampert does not deal with it either. Bad mistake sorry. You could use a vaporeon or Tentacruel over scizor? Vaporeon with wish support or Tentacruel with T-Spikes to free up a space for Payback on Forry.
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    Sandstorm for Standard - Fixes, Criticism, etc. WELCOME

    Ok well TTar dosn't need the agility, make him into a dd version to get his own speed boost. Mixape destroys ttar, emp, forry, and scizor. First of all you need something to absorb the fire attacks for scizor, Heatran works brilliantly or a bulky water i.e Swampert who can also deal with ape...
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    Sandstorm for Standard - Fixes, Criticism, etc. WELCOME

    "not Being Hit" does not mean taking advantage of. Unless your actually just sitting there stalling with a move like slack off e.g. Hippowdon. Taking Advantage means getting the Sp Def Boost with an actual strategy e.g. cradily under sandstorm becomes a good special wall and SDer due to Suction...