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  1. J

    Would you still play Pokémon if it was only the original 151 Pokémon?

    If it was a 3D remake of Gen 1, I would play it.
  2. J

    You bet. Between water and lightning types, I almost never have to switch out pokemon.

    You bet. Between water and lightning types, I almost never have to switch out pokemon.
  3. J

    Pokémon Rumble Blast Discussion Thread

    Even though you already figured it out, Yes. I have 2 Darkrai and frequently get pwned by Cresselia. Some do. Archen seems to be about 90% Skittish. Mienfoo and Mainshao are about 50% Healthy. And so far 100% of my Ninjask drops have been Speedy so I would guess it's in the 90% range similar to...
  4. J

    What are your thoughts on Happiny?

    Happiny is great for kibble. Maybe Purina could look into it...
  5. J

    Who is your teams "surfer"? Do you have more than one?

    I use Lanturn with Gastrodon on backup.
  6. J

    Who do you use for HM Slaves?

    I use Golem for heavy lifting.
  7. J

    Who is your team's 'flyer'?

    I use my Crobat named Batty.
  8. J

    What is your favorite starter pokemon for Gen. 4?

    I almost always go with fire for starter so I went with Chimchar (even though I HATE monkeys). Only exception for fire starter was Totodile.
  9. J

    What's is your character and rival name?

    Name: my name Rival: would get filtered for language...
  10. J

    What is your fav Eeveeloution?

    I horde them all, but Glaceon is my favorite. Jolteon is my main in Rumble Blast.
  11. J

    Do you teach the ultimate move for your starter in D/P/Pt?

    I did on my Infernape, but that's it.
  12. J

    How do you feel when you get a new pokemon from the GTS or a friend?

    I think to myself, "Wow someone actually wanted that?".
  13. J

    Offical Nickname Discussion thread

    Go for it. I named him when he was a Mantyke, it was the first thing to come to my mind.
  14. J

    Your first shiny Pokemon?

    That stupid Red Gyardos is the only one I've found in the standard games. Found a grip in Rumble, but whatever.
  15. J

    Dittos in Daycare!

    Dropped my Ditto in around 30 and it is 79 right now. I usually use Ditto for nature, not much else.
  16. J

    Offical Nickname Discussion thread

    LMAO, I named my Diglett Niglett too! Also: Lanturn: Sparky Hippopotas: Flippo Mantine: Manny Mareep: Sir Wooly Crobat: Batty Lucario: Luc Camerupt: Humpy Weavile: Doom Donphan: Tantor Garchomp: Dagron Rhyperior: Rocky Manectric: Zap Sharpedo: Bruce Carvanha: Chomper Gible...
  17. J

    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I will be using Fennekin and my GF has chosen Froakie. I love fox pokemon and hopefully with it being a starter it will be decent powered.