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    Are Pokemon designs really getting uglier each Gen?

    I wouldn't say pokemon are getting uglier, or are ugly. Some are just less appealing to me, and this goes for all the generations, and I like lots of pokemon from each gen, but I think my favorite is still 1st or 2nd. It's nostalgia but I also like lots of the pokemon concepts, including...
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    What Pokemon has the Worst Shiny Form?

    Yeah, I also don't really like the shinies where it's a slightly lighter or darker shade. Can't say I like Krookodile's, though. Its shiny color is very dull. Rhyperior also looks weird as a shiny-its colors are too light. Kingdra's shiny color ruined Seadra's awesome teal/red combo...
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    Your Pokemon dream team

    Venusaur Dodrio. Octillery. Hitmonchan/lee/top/Sawk/Throh (I like all of these guys). Cofagrigus. Houndoom. I could probably come up with a bunch of different dream teams.
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    Weird Evolutions

    Exeggcute > Exeggutor. A bunch of eggs turns into a walking palm tree. The only similarity is that the eggs turned into coconuts. Shelgon to Salamence. A flatfaced ball to a dragon.
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    Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

    I prefer most of my pokemon to be male only because the ones I actually use would look weird female, like my Darmanitan and (especially) my Jellicent. If the pokemon has a fixed gender then I don't care. I plan on using a Jynx once I get a Smoochum from the dream world. Also pokemon like...
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    Things in Pokemon that you wish there were in real life.

    The whole pokemon shtick. Catching them, training them, having a pokemon league. With a couple friends to tag along. Plus the whole world would be based on pokemon. I also really want a safari zone. Along with stuff like bikes that fit in backpacks, stuffed in with an infinite amount of...
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Pokemon from every Generation

    Generation 1 -Dodrio -Kabutops -Hitmonchan -Tauros -Slowbro Generation 2 -Sudowoodo -Tyrogue -Octillery -Ariados -Miltank. Generation 3 Breloom Shiftry Slaking Swampert Kyogre Generation 4 Toxicroak Porygon-Z Electivire Togekiss Magmortar Generation 5 Darmanitan...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Clamperl and its evolutions. I don't forget a lot of pokemon but some of them really don't stand out. Same with Electrike and Manectric.
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    Game Traditions?

    Holding B for confusion and attraction, and using the grass starter, a flyer, and a surfer. And since pearl, have a full 6-mon team with no repeating types. Since Black, no legendaries. Also, since pearl, keep every pokemon at an even level. I usually plan out my team but I want to try not...
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    Crazy evolutions

    Kabuto to Kabutops because Kabuto is the size of Kabutops' head. I just don't understand the massive change. Bagon to Shelgon. Baby dragon to ball with legs.
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    Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

    Many of my friends play pokemon like me. And this kid I know actually brought Gold to school to play. There are probably more pokemon fans out there that I don't know about. As for family my older sister used to play-she got me into pokemon, but stopped after the 1st generation. I have no idea...
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    Are there trainers out there that don't EV train?

    My requirements for a pokemon are a good nature and ability. But I don't take the time or effort to calculate EVs for training. I don't play pokemon enough to justify that.
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    Pokemon Cries!!!

    I like Jynx, Exeggutor, and Hypno's cries since they're so long. But usually pokemon cries are kind of undistinctive. I can tell them apart, but they aren't memorable.
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    #037 Vulpix / #038 Ninetales

    Looking for vulpix with drought, with a Sp Attack boosting nature if it isn't female. PM me to request a pokemon.
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    Favorites Thread: GAME MECHANICS

    1. What’s your favorite TYPE? Fighting. 2. What's your favorite STAT? Attack/Sp. Attack. 3. What’s your favorite ATTACK? Metronome. It's also every move. 4. What’s your favorite SPECIAL ABILITY? Cursed Body. Cool effect and it happens pretty often for me. 5. What’s your favorite...
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    Which Region did you grow up in?

    Kanto, but with FireRed.
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    Pokemon You'll Never Use

    Although I won't focus on training a possibly weak pokemon, certain pokemon aesthetically suck too much for me to train. Gothitelle. Hypno. Blissey. Garbodor. Probably Electrode. Probably Conkeldurr/Machamp. Liepard. Audino. Exploud. Pidgeot. Probably Venomoth. I'm sure there are...
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    Obtaining your first "Strong" Pokemon?

    FireRed: "Zapdos, use your murder attack!" I think I beat the elite 4 with just zapdos and venusaur. In Black, my Darmanitan and Sawk basically destroy everything.
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    Love for All the 649

    There are exceptions but usually I select pokemon based on their effectiveness. Choosing the most efficient pokemon to use makes it a lot easier for me to plan my team and decide which pokemon I should train. I would have a hard time with this otherwise. But mainly I just kinda decide myself...
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    Your favorite memories with Pokemon

    Lots of memories for me. Seeing pokemon red on my mom's dresser and thinking it was for me. It wasn't, but still. Since I didn't have the 1st and 2nd gen games, getting to read the pokemon handbooks with the info on each pokemon since my sister liked pokemon. Getting a poster of the...