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    Favorite stop motion animated films?

    You can find Nutcracker Fantasy on YouTube (not very good picture quality, but at least it's available). Need to check out Boxtrolls too. :)
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    Favorite comedians/funny actors

    Another one I forgot: Norm McDonald
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    Favorite comedians/funny actors

    Mine are, to name just a few: Robin Williams (R.I.P.) Ben Stiller Amy Poehler Stephen Colbert Jack Black Kristen Wiig Aubrey Plaza
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    Favorite stop motion animated films?

    This is a somehwat underrated medium. Anyway, my favorites are, in no particular order: The Nightmare Before Christmas The majority of Rankin/Bass' stop motion works The Corpse Bride Nutcracker Fantasy (a bizarre stop motion film from Sanrio) Fantastic Mr. Fox Coraline ParaNorman
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    Worst NON-Disney animated sequels?

    Those are some good points. I forgot to mention Shrek 3 wasn't very good. I haven't seen the 4th Shrek yet so I wouldn't know what to think. For some I find OK, Balto 2 and 3 are good, but not as good as the first and the same goes for the 2nd Swan Princess (which was much better that the third...
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    Worst NON-Disney animated sequels?

    Everyone talks about how bad most Disney sequels are, but there are sequels to other animated movies that are MUCH worse than the Disney sequels (they make the Disney sequels look like the original ones). Which ones do you find really bad? The ones I can think of are: The Secret of NIMH 2...
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    Worst dub performances?

    Mona Marshall as Motoko in the dub of Love Hina. She didn't do too bad a job voicing her, I'm just used to hearing Mona voicing little boys, so it sounded a little weird hearing her voice a woman, lol.
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    What was the first anime you saw? (not including pokemon)

    Not counting various shows/movies I saw on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon that I saw as a very little kid and didn't know they were anime until I was older, probably.. Kiki's Delivery Service (not counting Pokemon). That was also the first Studio Ghibli movie I ever saw.
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    Worst dub performances?

    What character voices in English dubs of anime are really bad to you? Whether they sound annoying, hurting your ears, not character appropriate, or just plain bad acting, they can sound horrible. The ones I can think of... Shoutmon (Digimon Fusion/Xros Wars)- In the dub, Shoutmon sounds like...
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    Sailor Moon (Revival)

    I'm so happy. When I read that not only Viz got Sailor Moon Crystal, but the old anime (including Sailor Stars) as well, I felt like my head was going to explode from the awesomeness. It'll be cool for all this to happen, with a proper redub that's uncut, new subtitles, and an official US...
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    Was Paul abused?

    Yeah, I remember Reggie, but I forgot all about his decision to "quit". It's been a while since I've checked out the D/P series.
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    Does it Matter if I Skip the Whole BW season?

    Well, I watched it at first, but then I started losing interest in the season and stopped watching it, feeling it was lacking what made the anime so good before (the only redeeming quality I can think of for now is that the dub used normal episode titles relating to the plot of the episode...
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    Was Paul abused?

    I know this sounds weird, but this is something I've wondered about for a while now. Not that I'm defending the character or anything, but I have the feeling that Paul is a victim of child abuse. I say this because from the way he acts, it's similar to characters in other media who are child...
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    What are you currently reading?

    An old copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales I checked out from the library, with illustarions by Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann & Andy
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    State your Sylveon Theories

    Things are kind of secretive about Sylveon at the moment, namely type and evolution method. What are your theories about Sylveon that you'll stick by until they make it official? My theory: Type: Either Ghost or Flying, but I'm leaning more towards Ghost Evolution method: I think Sylveon's...
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    I was going to do a thread here on X&Y, but since I can't I'll put it here. State your Sylveon theories (namely type and evolution) Type: Either Ghost or Flying, but I'lm leaning more towards Ghost Evolution: I think Sylveon's female only, so it could be gender-based evolution.
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    What is your favorite animated Disney film?

    I love all the Disney movies of the 50's, 70's, and 90's. From other times I like Fantasia, The Fox and the Hound, Oliver and Co., Lilo & Stitch, The Princess and the Frog, and Tangled.
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    Best Villain in any media

    This is also hard for me to think but I do agree about the Joker. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is the best Disney villain. Another fun villain is Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda. Her actress does a great job making her both threatening and funny XD. Can't decide on an anime/video game villain...
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    Do you actually like Filler episodes

    Depends on whether or not the anime's based on a manga and stays pretty close to it. Some are amusing but others, especially in the case of Bleach, are just like big-lipped alligator moments. They come right out of nowhere, have little to nothing to do with the plot whatsoever, is (though not...
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    Animes that just never gets old

    I'd say the classics, such as the old Pokemon, Dragonball/Z, Sailor Moon, and Cardcaptor Sakura to name a few, as well as every Ghibli movie.