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    Favourite season

    Well I havent seen the houenn and BF series. but I bet the Battle Frontier one is pritty fun. The first series were great. but the johto one was boring. >_>
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    A Different Kind Of Misty! (314)

    ew! James's cancia didn't look right when it first came out. It has black marks! What an error. :P What hero? When did everyone mention ash is the hero?! Was it to do with the movie? Plusle and Minun are cute.
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    Jump For Joy (313)

    What did every season think its Stun Spore. Maybe its Sleep Powder. Shiftry is awsome. :)
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    Ash isshue starters?

    Find out in 4 months :P
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    Flint Lights The Fire (633)

    Is it just me or the animation look more darker colorful? Volkner and Flint are great so does Flint's Infernape! Volkner is cute in his 10 years old. And Sunyshore City is well ace!
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    Spheal Of Approval! (312)

    Spheal and Sealeo are cute and funny. Nice Episode anyway. Team Magma is cool. :D
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    Win, Lose or Drew! (311)

    This episode is great. May's first contest, but she lost. :( That guy's Milotic is beutifull. I didn't know it could use Iron Tail! Now may has a new rival. And there is a bit of ContestShipping. ;)
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    Having A Wailord Of A Time! (310)

    You know poeple in youtube, right. Thay think that girl treecko is a gay Treecko! -_- Thats not how this episodes ment to be dirty. That little Mudkip is cute. :3
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    Now That's Flower Power! (309)

    Nice episode. Nice meeting Drew. Drew's VA is kinda cool and Roselia is great. :)
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    Abandon Ship! (308)

    Great episode. Love Marshtomp and Swampert. There ground and water type. ^_^ Theres a dub error! Ash said Slateport City Gym even know there isn't a gym there in the game. :\
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    The Battle Finale of Legend! (620)

    The Episode was Brill! :D Epic Episode but it was rushed a bit. :( I't would of been more Brill if garatina was involved.
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    What Old Pokemon would you like to evolve/prevolve in the next gen?

    Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee. Hitmontop. HitmonDOWN or CHANLEETOP. Just wondering that. :P
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    What Old Pokemon would you like to evolve/prevolve in the next gen?

    I was thinking of seeing Onix's pre-evolotion, Quilfish's evolotion, Dugtrio's evolotion, Tyrogue's evolotion and Miltank's pre-evolotion. Also I was thinking of some items that make pokemon evolve. Like a male Combee's evolotion or machoke's evolution (Even don't know why I want to see...
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    Just One Of The Geysers! (307)

    That battle was pretty smart and tough! Great episode thoe.
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    A Meditite Fight! (306)

    That girl is kinda look like the Battle Girl in the game! Never knew intil now. Nice to see Brawly again.
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    Ready, Willing & Sableye! (305)

    Nice Episode. Sableye is creepy, and Crazy Corphish is funny.
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    Seeing Is Believing (304)

    Graet Episode. Seedots are so cute! ^_^ I don't know why wurmple can evolve any of these coocons. Its all because of its porsenality. :? Jessie is stupid and I can't wait for May's first contest.
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    A Three Team Scheme (303)

    Nice Episode. Team Magma and Team Aqua are cool.
  19. B

    The Needs of Three (619)

    This episode is going to be epic! :D Hunter J is dead! With and epic crash! Shes finish! >:] Nice to see Gary oak again and his Unbreon and Electrivire.
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    Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! (618)

    This is ganna be the greatest episode yet! Charon laugh is pretty decent not comperd to eggmans laugh. >.>