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    I need a Rash Meowth with assist. Nicknamed Setzer. It is part of my Soul Silver playthrough.
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    Your First Rare Card

    my very first rare and card in general, was none other than Mewtwo
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Mewtwo cuz he is my favorite. But before then, Alakazam.
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    ~*The Kingdom Hearts Fan Club!*~

    Whew, I beat CoM. Were any of you disappointed by the final boss? The first form was harder. I lost 3 times to the first part, but when he went "psycho," he was cake.
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    Serebii.net Card Behemoth Section - Discussion Thread

    If you don't play, you can enjoy the well illustrated images(not to be confused with iMages, the Final Fantasy job class that attacks with over 5 gb worth of songs). I don't play as often but this might change that.
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    hardest legendary bird

    Joke Answer: Lugia Serious Answer: Articuno. That bird still has not been caught.
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    A TCG DS game? (who'd buy it?)

    I would buy only if they include the original sets. In other words, I would not get it.
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    .:TM's Full Color Pokemon (and other stuff) Shop:.

    Great job! Can you make it a banner ? You don't have to. Text: Line 1- Mew Master Line 2- One Winged Angel Minus One Wing Background Color: Crimson Size:760 x 140
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    The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    I restarted LeafGreen in hopes of getting Mewtwo. I caught an Abra but forgot I loned FireRed to my friend. Without 'Kazam, I won't have as much use for it.
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    Team Plans in General

    Feralagatr/Typhlosion- My starter Skarmory- Spikes + Steel Wing = ground type ownage >:] Lugia- Psychic type made for Ice moves Alakazam- My temporary trademark Pokemon (in my latest LeafGreen run) Mewtwo(Hopefully)/Raichu- A thunderbolter ???
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    He was severely nerfed. Explain his stats in Red, Blue and Yellow

    He was severely nerfed. Explain his stats in Red, Blue and Yellow
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    Caption The Avatar Above You {v.02}

    What is that!!
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    3/5 The lack of caps = bad Cool Banner= good
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    You're banned Game Version 2

    Banned for Poké eggs instead of dragons.
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    How would you "fix" the Sonic franchise?

    Sell Sonic to Nintendo, bring back Alex Kidd, and give Nintendo a free Genesis and Sonic 1.
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    I think this is news.

    Sadly, it has nothing to do with Kid Icarus. This game is a side scroll unlike KI which was a more of an up thing.
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    Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days

    I found Chain of Memories to be less enjoyable than the others. The only reasons I like it is because you can summon Cloud:D and it introduced Organization XIII;). Now they bring back the old battle style. We now have multiple playable characters. My one disappointment is that you cannot use...
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    Favourite Ever Monster In Mario Games?

    1-Shy Guys because they made me laugh wit all the pointless junk they stole in Paper Mario 2-Hammer Bros because IT'S HAMMER TIME literally in SMRPGLOSS 3-Goombas simply for sentimental value
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    Who looks best/weirdest rendered in 3D?

    I personally think they made Mewtwo too rounded. His smile creeps me out. He is my favorite Pokemon, and they made him too happy. What happened to the angst.
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    .:TM's Full Color Pokemon (and other stuff) Shop:.

    Please can you make a Mewtwo in Roxas from KH clothesThx