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    Toto's Ash/Satoshi Fan Club

    Sqee I luves that one too. Ahh what am I talking about?!! I love all his images!!!
  2. D

    what if hikari became the new cook

    Hmmm {Ponders to self} How about Hikari does contests and cooking? Than she kicks butt and cooks at the same time LOL. Meh I'd rather see Ash learn to cook from Brock.
  3. D

    D/P 15: Kurogane Gym! Hiyouta vs Shinji!! Speculation

    Exacly, if Shinji does loose it will just cause more tension between there rivalry, which is why I'm hoping it happens that way more. And Thank God we have only 1 week left, sheesh the wait is killing me =/
  4. D

    Hikari: will she be remembered?

    Well she will be missed by her fans at least.
  5. D


    I wouldn't mind it, but just one special. It would be neat to see Max meet new friends without any one he knew in the past.
  6. D

    Straying away from co-ordinating

    I'm already getting pretty bored with contests now so I hope the fifth generation girl has some thing new in store.
  7. D

    Toto's Ash/Satoshi Fan Club

    Mind if I use this one? I like it when Ash blushes I agree with all of you he should def blush more.
  8. D

    What would your reaction be if Hikari stays on through the 5th gen region?

    LOL Perfect, the spin off will be where all the ex Pokemon girls will go to have adventures. Maybe add Tracey/Oak/Mrs.Ketchum too just for the heck of it. Tracey would have a feild day with that LOL.
  9. D

    Who has the bigger crush on Ash?

    I gotta say Bayleef.
  10. D

    Best and Worst Characters?

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree with this, he just seems so much like Ash. Except he doesn't do any mistakes, its annoying. But hey I respect your opinion on this.
  11. D

    Who is sexier Shinji or Ash?

    That would be pretty funny, but sure would make things odd yet intresting if they did that. Hmm Ash is winning in the polls ^^
  12. D

    What would your reaction be if Hikari stays on through the 5th gen region?

    Meh if it happens it happens. I'd laugh a little becuase I'm sure all the Hikari fans would have the same reaction as the May fans. But than I'd feel bad becuase they'd miss there beloved character. I'm thinking the character Hikari will leave though when D/P ends, there will most likely be a...
  13. D

    Poll: should the TV and movie seires be discontuned?

    Hmm discontuned? Na I don't want it to just yet, thanks though. Ask me next time when its already done at least 12 more seasonsXD
  14. D

    Pearlshipping General Discussion

    I love all the hints. Oh I wonder when any new episode titles will be released. New question; Should Hikari try to do some thing to express her love for Ash?
  15. D

    Kissshipping Official Discussion(All-new)

    Episode title eh? How about Battle of love and serenity! LOL.
  16. D

    Best and Worst Characters?

    Yah I guess its hard to make threads like these when May fans and Misty fans will just debate about things like this =[
  17. D

    Why is Pikachu so overrated!?

    I gotta say yes, this is coming from an Ash fan. They could let another one of Ash Pokemon be the mascott.
  18. D

    Best and Worst Characters?

    Ack how on earth did this get turned into a May V.S Misty fans debate agian? I thought every one was just giving there own opinions on characters.
  19. D

    Kissshipping Official Discussion(All-new)

    I'm sure Melody would def try her best to get Ash affections. She was doing a job with getting his affections in the movie after all ^^
  20. D

    Toto's Ash/Satoshi Fan Club

    Any one else excited for the up coming gym battle for Ash? Here's hoping he wins ^^ We need plenty of pictures from that episode I tell yah LOL.