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    Community POTW #101

    I guess so. Again, I didn't say it was actually good, I'm just saying it exists. I suppose if you were playing against a friend of yours who used that strategy, you could use it. There are better options, though.
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    Community POTW #101

    I realize that Jellicent being part Ghost and having Damp is pretty odd (since it is immune to Self-Destruct/Explosion via its typing), but it occurred to me that while it is basically useless in Singles, it has slightly (key word here) more merit in Doubles/Triples to support its teammates who...
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    Community POTW #056

    I suppose this is dependent on if you are talking about Groudon or Primal Groudon. If you're talking about Primal Groudon, Storm Drain is actually not that needed. While it would be useful against Primal Kyogre, Desolate Land prevents Water-type moves from being used. This means that unless the...
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    Community POTW #033

    Yay, one of my ferrets is up! Overview I really like Floatzel. Unfortunately, GameFreak wasn't quite as kind to it when they made it. Don't get me wrong: Floatzel has some key positives. Base 105 Attack and Base 115 Speed are really good, as they allow Floatzel to hit hard and fast. Base 85...
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    Community POTW #012

    I like this idea, but I think it is worth mentioning that Aggron's horrible base Sp. Attack means Surf is not a good option. If you want that coverage, breed it in 5th gen and teach it Aqua Tail. That will give you the coverage you want but you actually utilize Aggron's good attack stat.
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    Community POTW #008

    Yes, I do like Cryogonal better, so I agree with you. However, I am just trying to emphasize what good qualities Avalugg has over other Pokemon that could be considered similar to it. While I do think Avalugg has quite a few bad qualities, I think it's important to discuss and point out the good...
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    Community POTW #008

    I know people sometimes don't like it when someone compares the POTW to another Pokemon, but when I think of Avalugg, I always think of Cryogonal. Both of these guys have access to Rapid Spin and Recover, and both specialize in one defense. What's cool is that Avalugg is a better damage dealer...
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    Community POTW #002

    Overview: Delphox is a bit of an oddity, though it is certainly not a bad Pokemon by any means. What Delphox really has going for it are base 114 and 104 Sp. Attack and Speed, which is combined with a pretty powerful Fire/Psychic typing. It even has a decent base 75 HP with a base 100 Sp...
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    Gen VI Community POTW #001

    Overview: Chesnaught is the first Grass-starter I actually have a lot of interest in (not to knock the others) and is my main man for X and Y. In terms of what Chesnaught has to offer, he has some good points. His base 107 Attack in combination with Swords Dance, Belly Drum, Bulk Up, or Hone...
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    Community POTW #145

    Overview: Uh...not sure where to start. Basically, a phrase that describes Arceus is "Jack of all trades, master of all." Basically, Arceus can do almost anything, but unlike others who are also versatile, Arceus can actually do things well. With the possibility to be any type, a massive...
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    X and Y starter-- Take your pick!

    Chespin has been my first choice the whole time, and Chesnaught only helps solidify my decision. Sure, 6 weaknesses is a lot, but for this level of epicness (in my mind), I'm willing to deal with it. Also, this is the first time I have chosen the Grass starter. I will say that I actually like...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    That's actually quite true. Though it's a bit tough to hold off final judgement, the tree as a whole usually shapes people's ideas on a particular starter. I'm still hoping for a good outcome for Chespin, but it could very well change, who knows? I would like to stick to my guns, though.
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    Fairy-type Discussion Thread

    If I understand correctly, No Guard only skips checking accuracy of moves and still leaves typing immunities in tact. So it comes more down to coverage moves. Dialga is great because it's one of the two Dragons not weak to Fairy due to it's second type (in this case, Steel), and it may run Flash...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Funny, I always think the Grass starters are less noticed. Then again, that's more because I have never chosen the Grass-type as my official starter (until now). I just hope that people don't hate on one too much like many people did with Oshawott. Still, it's good to see fans for all starters.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    One question I've been wanting to know the answer to is how (if at all) do Mega Blastoise's stats change upon Mega Evolution? I know it gets a boost to some of its attacks via Mega Launcher, but Mega Blastoise's description does not seem to indicate that its stats change at all. I guess that...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    It depends, really. I can see that, as I'm a bit disappointed with Quillaidn myself. However, I'm still going to choose Chespin. Part of that is because I not only want to stick to my guns, but because the final evolutions could be better/worse, depending on your opinion of the first evolution...
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    Fairy-type Discussion Thread

    That's a bit tough to say, since it will depend on if the Fairy moves they learn are physical or special and the distribution. But yes, if the moves don't match the stats, the threat of the Fairy-type may not be as high as one could anticipate. That's a bit tough to call. While it's true many...
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    Community POTW #142

    Overview: Altaria has some stiff competition from its fellow Dragon-types and sadly is one of the lesser of the mighty hoard of Dragons. This does not mean Altaria is useless, however. Altaria is a more defensive Dragon, with 75/90/105 defenses being quite good and a Dragon/Flying typing that...
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    Pokémon X & Y's Effect on the Metagame

    I think the new type changes in terms of immunities for conditions is kind of nice. Giving Grass something is especially nice considering they have a terrible time defensively, so giving them a boost like that is helpful. Electric being immune to paralysis makes so much sense. The Ghost one is a...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Ha ha, that description for Chespin makes me laugh. That'd be sad if that's what they go for, but at least it would be really funny. Part Fighting could explain the description given by austoman, which wouldn't be too bad either. Grass/Fighting would bother me a lot less than Grass/Dark, since...