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  1. K

    Pokethlon VS Contests

    I agree. Does the pokethlon have a wi-fi feature?
  2. K


  3. K

    When will you stop buying pokemon games?

    Same. :> I want to play Pokemon games when I have a job and earn money so I can at least buy what I want. :P
  4. K

    Happy Birthday Serebii Joe!

    Happy birthday! :D
  5. K

    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    I am going to use it if no one stares at me when it beeps. D::
  6. K

    Samus Aran V.S. Master Cheif!

    Samus just... Owns... : DD Master Chief is not as cool as a Woman in power Suit owning Metroids XD
  7. K

    Games That Have Scared You

    The Metroid games. :l I am scared of both 3d & 2d versions. In 2d because of the music.. (really creepy!) and in 3d because of the monsters and because it looks more like you are in the game. =P
  8. K

    Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

    Not going to import it, but i will buy SoulSilver. :)
  9. K

    Who's gonna be your starter?

    Totodile, because it has always been my favorite. :)
  10. K

    Serebii.net Update: Friday: Pok#233;mon Heart Gold #38; Soul Silver Confirmed

    This is a dream come true. : )) Everyone have waited for this. So am I.
  11. K

    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    This IS true. When you buy a new telephone or whatever, you should charge the battery, if you don't want a crappy thing. I think I am not doing this with DS Lite.
  12. K

    Your Nintendo Game Collection

    GBA: Flushed Away Onimusha Tactics The sims 2 Pokemon LeafGreen (Lost) DS: Nintendogs: Dalmantian & Friends Metroid Prime Hunters Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Pokemon Pearl Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia No more. :(
  13. K

    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    I am really tired of saving money on this but I wont give up! It cost's 190€ In Finland and if imported, then 199€. Am I never gonna have this.. D:: It sucks to have five DS games when cannot play them..
  14. K

    Any games that you regret buying?

    I regret buying Nintendogs: Dalmantian & Friends. >_< I haven't played it since the next month I bought it.
  15. K

    Hello. :D Yes I did.

    Hello. :D Yes I did.
  16. K

    Haluat siis sähköpostini? Annan sen, kunhan sinulle sopii.

    Haluat siis sähköpostini? Annan sen, kunhan sinulle sopii.
  17. K

    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    I don't have a DS lite... I had a original DS, but it broke. :>
  18. K

    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    When I saw that £149.99 was 217€, I was Pîssed off. I wanted so bad to pre-order DSi, but now I just have to wait. Damn it, why don't you English people change to Euros! : DD
  19. K

    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    It comes to America after Europe. :) I am going to buy the black I think.