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    What Pokemon did you trade for Jasmine's Steelix?

    I just gave her a Rattata I caught on the road because I couldn't think of what else to give her.
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    Which are the most epic pokemon

    Lopunny. The end. No discussion.
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    Do you still like 4th Generation games?

    Not really. I'm more into the 3rd Generation and the 4th Generation has never even really appealed to me. The 5th Generation doesn't appeal that much to me either.
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    Which of the Pokemon DS games interface did you like best?

    HG/SS because I never really cared for interfaces until HG/SS.
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    Did you use your Elemental Monkey?

    Hell no. I couldn't be bothered to ever use the elemental monkey because I see no point in using it in battle.
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    Are you playing as boy or girl?

    I'm play as a girl because I find the female playing more appealing. I named her Ruby or something.
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    Favorite Iris Ship/s?

    BusterShipping because arguments are badass. Also because they seem like they'd be good together.
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    Why did so many people have trouble with whitney's milktank back in pokemon silver?

    I had trouble with Miltank because of that annoying as hell Rollout and whatnot.
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    Best version?

    Crystal because you can choose either male or female and the enchantments to the story, obviously.
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    Worst Internet Forums?

    Serebii. Or some side forums with no rules.
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    I'm still going to win.

    I'm still going to win.
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    you're an admin gurl?

    you're an admin gurl?
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    Nothing but school. I've been looking around for a job as well. You?

    Nothing but school. I've been looking around for a job as well. You?
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    Quite well. And yourself?

    Quite well. And yourself?
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    A month late, I know. I'm good. And I shall look at your fan-fiction.

    A month late, I know. I'm good. And I shall look at your fan-fiction.
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    ACTA has Passed, say goodbye to serebii

    Adding my two cents. They never said anything about this thing passing. It just got signed nothing more. The end.
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    Cute--a Molly Hale fan.

    Cute--a Molly Hale fan.
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    Yeah, long time no see. How's life?

    Yeah, long time no see. How's life?
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    Hello there.

    Hello there.
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    Hello there.

    Hello there.