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    I Choose You

    I know these don't count as cameos from past movies, but I enjoyed seeing Erika and Agatha make brief appearances.
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    Ash Does the League Over, Uses His Reserves...

    Imagine this Kalos League was a nightmare, and Ash is given the chance to redo the entire thing using his reserves. Who would he use? How would he fare? Most importantly, which Pokemon would he use to beat Alain's pants off?
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    From the Skies

    Chapter Two He sat cross-legged on the chalky floor of the cavern, awaiting his captains. His figure was impressive: broad shoulders, thick neck, square jaw covered with a coarse, trimmed goatee. A dyed-blue ponytail dangled lankly between his sharp shoulder blades. His eyes were closed in...
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    From the Skies

    Well, thanks, guys! You rock. Pi, I hope you do reconsider the story after Chapter Two. Speaking of which...
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    The Official Advice Thread

    This may not help at all, but I once went on a weight loss rampage and found this helpful: stay hydrated, always. Weight gain can actually be caused by dehydration, and also we usually overeat at meals when we're thirsty. Just a thought :)
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    From the Skies

    Chapter One “Are you sure this is the right choice?” Logan Winters bit her lip, willing her best friend to stop sorting flashcards and just look at her. “What, you mean putting them alphabetically? How else would you sort vocab words, by color?” Tracey laughed, continuing the monstrous task...
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    From the Skies

    Expect Chapter One very soon! Thanks guys! ~Bulbs
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    From the Skies

    Hey guys! As maybe three of you know, I wrote a book last year called "Earth, Air, Water, Fire." I've been revisiting that world a lot in my writings, and I thought, well goshdarnit, why not write another? This is a prequel, so actually, you don't need to know a THING from the first one...
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    Well - really - the idea for the prequel is to re-visit the era that 'One of Many' and...

    Well - really - the idea for the prequel is to re-visit the era that 'One of Many' and 'Destined' took place in, because really the writing for them is a travesty, and also - if you do choose to read them - you'll notice they only focus on Tracey, Logan, and Chase. Will has one scene, and it's a...
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    Hey Lux! I have a question to ask you: Would you be more or less interested if I continued with...

    Hey Lux! I have a question to ask you: Would you be more or less interested if I continued with the Skye Chronicles, or if I hit the reset button on that project, and instead began posting the EAWF prequel I've been working on? I've written a prologue and a chapter so far; it takes place five...
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    The Skye Chronicles

    Hey all! I'm here with a new project I'm really excited about. I've been on these boards for eleven years now (yeesh) and in that time I've put out three stories, all set in the same universe - sort-of. In this particular Pokemon reality, the main evil team is known as Team Skye. You can read...
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    Earth, Air, Water, Fire

    Hey guys -- final thoughts here: I'm working on a new story to publish on here - a prequel of sorts that would deal entirely with Team Skye. Think antihero, think villain deconstruction. Think fun. So be on the lookout for it. EAWF has been an amazing ride for me. Thank you to any and all...
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    Your new avatar is so pretty!

    Your new avatar is so pretty!
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    I added the last chapter :)

    I added the last chapter :)
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    Earth, Air, Water, Fire

    After some consideration, here's the final chapter as it was initially written. Thank you all for reading this, it's been a pleasure :) Earth, Air, Water, Fire Chapter Twenty-Two -Three days later- Carrie Preston had been buried in the cemetery behind the Sprout Tower in Violet City...
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    Hello! Oh it's so wonderful to hear from you :) If you'd like, I can post the first draft...

    Hello! Oh it's so wonderful to hear from you :) If you'd like, I can post the first draft ending and complete the whole ordeal in the thread. It's...I find myself hesitant to continue posting, because the story's taken an entire new life since I've begun the rewrite phase. Flashbacks have been...
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    Earth, Air, Water, Fire

    For anyone still following this story - thank you so much for all your help along the way. I'm getting ready to send the edited draft out for submission - let me know if you'd like to read it. The entire story has been strengthened considerably in its third draft. If anyone is curious how it...
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    Team Rocket's Glory Days Past?

    So, in BW we saw the writers try some drastically new with the golden TRio. Clearly, they weren't satisfied (or viewers weren't, at least) and soon the switch back to white uniforms signaled the end of a possible great era for TR. Now they're back to the stock baddies for every episode, the...
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    Earth, Air, Water, Fire

    Well...there is technically one more chapter to post...but I'm probably not going to put it up. It seems interest in the book has died, which is sad but such is life. I hope those of you who have read and followed Alec and Chase and Natalia and all those we've lost will keep them close to your...
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    Earth, Air, Water, Fire

    Earth, Air, Water, Fire Chapter Twenty-One -1988- “What do you think happens when you die?” “That’s a weird question. Why?” “None of your business. What do you think happens, though?” “Well, Ho-oh comes down and lets you ride on its back into the sky. Right?” “Maybe.” “Where are we...