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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]

    LF: Drifloon/Drifblim FT: Any one of these ...or these FC: SW-4733-6610-0041(first time in serebii in a long time, first trade request since the Dream world era. Will update my sig accordingly after this request)...
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    Zarude Event - Reminder to check your Pokemon.com email settings

    I noticed that if you don't want marketing communications from Pass but want do marketing communications from other categories, no code email for you... :( I saw on reddit about x3 vivid voltage codes from the newsletter that I didn't get, checked settings, found my reason: Marketing...
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    Niantic are to withdraw support for 32-bit Android devices

    I have a samsung galaxy j7 Model#:SM-J700T that hasn't played GO in a while, and now w/ the october cutoff for Android 5+(Lollipop), I wonder if that means my phone can't run GO, despite its update to Android 7+(Nougat), due to its starting Android model being Lollipop??
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    What do you think is going to happen in the last episodes(post-league)?

    As of this time, the Japanese WS(Japanese baseball) could impact Pokémon's time slot double-time(Sundays mean possibly double-impact if Game 7 is necessary), like it did once last year(when it was on Thursdays, meaning it didn't impact the show as much), and given what we know through October...
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    English Dub Release Date?

    The 3rd episode of the S&M English dub airs May 13th. Here is the source.
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    Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!

    about skinshipping: If it is true it's taken out, then I assume that worldwide releases for the pokemon games that feature pokemon-amie and the petting feature for those games didn't give nintendo the time to take it out of international versions to satisfy the international censors? ^ It...
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    June 18th: XY077-078 - Pocket Monsters XY Pikachu the Movie 1 Hour Special

    I may not know the order, but I do know this: Lately, Cartoon Network is airing each episode of their shows in 15-minute blocks, meaning the shows there last half the time of your average 30-minute show. 1 commercial break after 5-6 minutes of action, depending on whatever the commercial break...
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    Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread

    Maybe the N3DS(non-XL) will not make it Stateside... One possible legitimate reason why: Here in the US, there's is such a thing as plate shops. I believe Nintendo didn't want to mess with the prospect of a majority of N3DS fans going to unofficial exterior-customization shops that could...
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    Discussion of Serebii's Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Discoveries

    Answer here, courtesy of iDigitalTimes: retrieved from this url: http://www.idigitaltimes.com/pokemon-omega-ruby-and-alpha-sapphire-lugia-ho-oh-and-other-legendary-mons-be-version-exclusives
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    Need help for a casual format ban list

    If running base to destiny these days, you'll most likely find cards that are from those sets that are actually fake(proven to be that way by telltale signs mentioned here), since actual ones are out of print nowadays... ...but if I were you, I'd ban cards that have been reprinted for use in...
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    Pokémon TCG Questions Thread [general questions]

    If that staryu's card no. doesn't match any of those listed here, it's fake, but it is listed in here, so unless it has off-and-mixed coloring on card bottom that does not appear in authentic versions of that same card, it(shadowless staryu) is real. ...And I have a question regarding the...
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    Favorite side Pokemon game/games

    My favorite? Hey you, Pikachu! ^ If they decide to remake it for wii u, I wish you could use the 3ds's mic as a controller, maybe its X/Y button as the mic feature's trigger, in lieu of the old n64 mic accessory required to play the game... Maybe they could include some more games(similiar to...
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    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    LF: Charizardite Y FT: Your choice of: Pokerus, PP Ups(up to 15), some evo stones, and more! If interested, message me to indicate interest, state the item you want, and I'll see if I have what you're looking for...
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    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    LF: Manectite... FT: Choice of: EV'd trained 5 IV Jolly salamence or EV-trained 5 IV Adamant haxorus w/ a charizardite x or any Y-version mega stones bar heracronite, charizardite y and gardivoirite... If you like, I could just trade the stone in exchange, or even just the pokemon in exchange...
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    oops! I got mixed up... I misjudged the lf and ft... :( Forgive me... jumped it...

    oops! I got mixed up... I misjudged the lf and ft... :( Forgive me... jumped it...
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    I may not have a adamant MB 5 perfect IV axew, but I do have a nn'able MB haxorus already...

    I may not have a adamant MB 5 perfect IV axew, but I do have a nn'able MB haxorus already ev-trained w/ same nature, in the attack and speed stats and 5 perfect IVs... Is that acceptable? I want a manectrite(?), in case you think it is...
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    Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?

    I have a karrablast that needs evolving... I also have the shelmet necessary to evolve it, in case you don't have shelmet yourself, so no worries about failing to trigger karrablast's evolution because of the absence of a shelmet in terms of pokemon involved in the individual trade... :) I can...
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    PS4 has now sold 6M hardware as of March 2nd, 2014!

    ...True... ...And PS4's milestone(which is this topic's main point) appears to be bad news for the entire console gaming industry ... :(
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    Nintendo's recent financial slump

    That statement made me have to look for a financial picture on how Nintendo got to where they are now, and I found a source to what I was looking for. After reviewing the source: annual financial reports for nintendo, especially the revenues & expenses/overview section from the 2002 Nintendo...
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    3DS XL won't turn on!!

    Sounds like the sound quality the 3DS is emitting is causing your problem. Try turning your volume up slightly, or use headphones w/ volume settings. If it still makes popping sounds, even if the 3DS's volume is as high as it can go, then you might want to think about repairs/replacements if the...