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    Dumb question

    That just brought me back to the page before this one?
  2. K

    How have forum communities helped you?

    Forums helped me befriend lots of new people i dont know and they were fun people. But my like sig says, the 2 favorite forums i was on is either no longer around anymore or is about to close soon :( The VR is one the one i'll miss the most.
  3. K

    Dumb question

    Its been forever since i even posted here, but wheres the standard general chat post at? I dont see it and its only the general pokemon thread. Recently VR.net (victoryroad.net) announced that there forums were closing soon and i wanted to move back to serebii forums when there closed.
  4. K

    i see......

    i see......
  5. K

    Hey shadow, how much do you go on here to post?

    Hey shadow, how much do you go on here to post?
  6. K

    I'll get a shiny lugia when i get one that in english

    I'll get a shiny lugia when i get one that in english
  7. K

    has anyone played the csi game for the first xbox system?

    My mom needs help on the first csi game for the first xbox system and we looked everywhere for this game for help but couldn't find anything on it that we need about it. Can anyone help me find a good full walkthu for this game or tell me your self, please it would make my mom happy i guess.
  8. K

    Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Glitch Discussion

    tv news reporter glich On my emerald version the tv news reporters stay in one route and one route only south of the desert area, i battled them so much times they just sat in one area i just keep battleing them over and over in just that one area but i have to leave the route each time to...
  9. K


    I know this question was probly asked alot but i got something wrong with my emerald version. Today my game had its internal battery ran dry but i dont think it should have been dead yet at least for a couple of more years, i got my game the very day it came out in the U.S. and i was also...
  10. K

    i have a quick question

    ok thanks i have the older cards i was going to buy more when the dimand and pearl sets come out this spring because i usully buy yugioh cards now days.
  11. K

    R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

    im waiting for pokemon dimand to come out so i trade all 381 pokemon that i have on emerald and firered to it if i can but i got to beat it first when it come out.
  12. K

    i have a quick question

    can you use the old pokemon cards in leagues and stuff like the first charizard that does 100 damage or my classic zapdos you know from the basic set and all the way up to ruby and sapphire packs?
  13. K

    Pokémon TCG Questions Thread [general questions]

    what does the desert ruins stadium card do, i got it but does it really damage all pokemon "ex" like my syther ex he has 80 hp but im not sure if my stadium card will do damge to it or does it damage ex pokemon that have 100 hp and up?
  14. K

    Are there any Poke/Item Cloning glitches?

    im trying to find a glich to clone pokemon on my firered but so far i havent tryed yet but im going to start soon but if i cant i might post back, but i might not find anything.
  15. K

    aron weird weakness

    i use aggron sometimes when im not using my other pokemon i taught it dragon claw,iron defense,iron tail,earthquake. right now its at level 55 but im going to raise it maybe to level 70 or higher.
  16. K

    special game trick

    does anyone have any special way of catching pokemon on their games like pressing certin buttons at the right timing when the pokeball reaches the pokemon i do and works but not on legend pokemon like the regi's.
  17. K

    aron weird weakness

    ok then why doesnt it say that then.
  18. K

    aron weird weakness

    how com aron and his other stages are weak against water but they dont have the type of rock or ground but when you use a fire move on them it does normal damage why is this?
  19. K

    i got a question for the pokemon tcg game for gameboy color

    if anyone plays this game anymore i beat it like 20 times but i always wounderd if i could battle ronald anymore besides at the challage cup arena but do you know how you can battle ronald at that one guys house were you trade him cards for his rare cards.
  20. K

    Ranger General Help Thread

    when you get the secret missions done on pokemon ranger like the manphy mission to the mew mission do get to trade the pokemon you caught to any of the new pokemon games.