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  1. J

    Mega Evolutions Thread

    Just for nostalgia's sake, Pikachu and/or Raichu should have a mega form... I would love to see what that would look like!
  2. J

    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Love Froakie and Chespin, not so sure about Fennekin... Torchic and its evolutionary line were the only Fire type starters I ever liked...
  3. J

    What makes you think there will be a 5th generation?

    In YOUR opinion that is. In MY opinion (based on some of the new 4th Gen Pokemon) Nintendo definitely need some external input, designs and ideas from fans, even if they don't directly use it...I mean, what is up with that bell Pokemon? And all the baby pre-evos are slightly annoying...That said...
  4. J

    What makes you think there will be a 5th generation?

    LMAO!!! Well I don't know...I'm not saying that Nintendo won't alter these fan designs, they may alter them slightly to make them less...ludicrous...But it's an idea right? I mean that picture you have just posted was obviously drawn by some complete simpleton, but there must be fans out...
  5. J

    What makes you think there will be a 5th generation?

    I have an idea... Maybe Nintendo and Game Freak will turn to the fans to help design new Pokemon, I mean I'm sure there are hundreds of Pokemon fans that send in their uncopyrighted self drawn pictures of new Pokemon every week, who is to say that Nintendo won't directly use, or maybe base...
  6. J

    Pokemon Box: Surfing Pichu

    I mean, Pokemon Box generates the egg when you get the 1499 Pokemon, so do you think it has the egg hidden in the program code somewhere? If so, isn't it likely to be the same egg over and over?
  7. J

    Pokemon Box: Surfing Pichu

    Hey guys, When you get the surfing Pichu egg, does the egg become yours? As in, when the egg hatches, does it have your trainer ID and details? Also, is there a set nature and stats for the Surfing Pichu, or is this random with every egg? I wish there was an easier way to get surf on a...
  8. J

    Legendaries: Should players be able to catch them?!?

    OK, maybe using the TV series as a reason was a little silly, but I still think that using legendary Pokemon to battle should not be allowed AT ALL. They hold way too much power and it's just unfair to more skilled trainers who spent way more time raising and EV training their 'regular' Pokemon...
  9. J

    Legendaries: Should players be able to catch them?!?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question and poll to see what everyone thinks, I would like to know if you all think that it's right to be able to catch the 'legendary' (one off) Pokemon? I mean, in the TV series there is a lot of emphasis on how sacred and important to the world and the environment...
  10. J

    Things U Do While Playin Pokemon?

    Sunbathing + Pokemon = Heaven! I usually sit down by the pool or in the jacuzzi while playing Pokemon, it's so relaxing! Although one day I'm probably going to drop my GBA or DS in the water, then I'll be screwed... Jamie
  11. J

    Official 3rd Gen IVs/EVs/DVs FAQ and Discussion Thread!

    EVs maxed out...Or are they? Hey guys, I have just trained the 3 Hoenn starters (obtained by trading from my Ruby and breeding, before you all start calling me a cheater!), up to Lv100, and their final evos, but for some reason even though I EV trained all 3, and the lady in Slateport has...
  12. J

    How convenient...(Rare AND Shiny Pokemon)

    Doesn't anyone here on serebiiforums.com think it is slightly strange that, even though the encounter rate for shinies and certain rare pokemon is so extremely low, a lot of trainers still have multiple rare AND shiny (at the same time), on their games? It is possible in some cases, don't get...
  13. J

    EVs Vs. Vitamins...

    Hey guys, I have recently been looking at how to better train my Pokemon team (I am starting afresh with some newly bred Pokemon, I want to get it right this time), but was wondering: If I train a team normally (ie no concentration on EVs, IVs, HVs, whatever, just random battling with...
  14. J

    Do you EV-train your pokemon?

    I'm actually still deciding whether or not to ditch playing Pokemon because of this...The whole idea of playing Pokemon is to raise the best creatures possible so you can beat other people, whether AI controlled or Human controlled. Only those who are fanatical and obsessed with Pokemon (ie...
  15. J

    Giving up on Pokemon (Pokemaniacs Anonymous)...

    Hey guys, This is a very sad day...I have decided to give up on Pokemon after many years of battling... Mainly my reasons for quitting are: 1. Playing the game is taking a huge chunk out of my day, so much so that I look at the clock and 3 hours have passed since I started playing! 2...
  16. J

    Best 'Godzilla' Pokemon...

    Hey guys, Maybe I worded the question badly. I didn't actually intend for this thread to be about who looks THE MOST LIKE godzilla, I was actually asking who out of the above 'Godzilla-ey' looking Pokemon above (big, powerful, rock hard and brutish) you guys would pick! I think most people...
  17. J

    Best 'Godzilla' Pokemon...

    Hey guys, Another one of these 'best of' 3rd gen game polls, this time I am looking at including one of the Godzilla-ey looking Pokemon on my team... Please vote for your favorite one on the list... Cheers, Jamie
  18. J

    Best Normal/Flying Pokemon?

    I have made a decision on my Flying Pokemon...However I have slightly deviated from the initial Normal/Flying Pokemon requirement I had before...I have decided on Zubat/Golbat/Crobat! Mainly because I haven't got a good Poison type in my main team, so I figured Poison/Flying might be a good...
  19. J

    Best Grass Pokemon?

    I am looking to bring a new Grass pokemon into my team, but am not sure who to choose? Any ideas? Regards, Jamie PS. I am looking at Pokemon from ALL 3rdGen games (Ru/Sa/FR/LG/Em) I have all and am able to trade from one to the other, I have full access to all Pokemon...
  20. J

    Quick help needed about Ruby Plate.

    1. If the cave is unguarded, you should be able to walk straight in and begin searching for the Ruby Plate, it's not too difficult to find once you are in the cave (I might be misunderstanding your question? But I did this part of FireRed last night...) 2. You need to find Lorelei on Island 5...