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    Thunder Badge Tournament

    What! Chelsea lost! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :<( Also, this post is telling everyone I quit Sppf. .-.
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    That Heracross is "MoPCross" (though use Rock Slide) and it is one of the best sweepers in the game. =\
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    why not

    I used Lapras in ubers. =\
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    Dragonite and Salamence?

    Make two different teams with one on each.
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    so i heard

    I'd use Skarmory since Spikes really would make the team complete (and I'd say essential). With Zapdos, it walls DDMence so Ice Beam Salamence isn't really needed. I'd also go WishBliss, as well.
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    Please rate my team!

    Pursuit and Beat Up work differently than Crunch, which is just for plain-out attacking.
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    UU net battle??!!

    No, make Ninetales Timid. File-->Export please. =p
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    UU net battle??!!

    First, type your team out File-->Export to make it easier, then I'll rate. =D I guess I was. 0_0
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    rate my smogon

    If using that Dodrio, you should make a team that revolves around it.
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    ZapWak Team D=

    Your post was fine.
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    If You Fix It, I Don't Have To

    Not really, stalling Blissey does best with near max Defense and Special Defense with Calm.
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    good charizard companions

    Magneton as Skarmory will wall that.
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    ~: SPPF's Pokemon League 2006 :~

    I'm not joining yet, but I think you should do like the Sneak and have each pair of players do UU, OU, and Ubers.
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    Rate my Team

    Fix Starmie's trait. Yeah, I think Rest/Sleep Talk Metagross would do good on this team; nasty Gengar weakness. Boah can be annoying, too.
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    ZapWak Team D=

    F_M, I'm just going to say that you really shouldn't talk to people like an arrogant *******, especially when they didn't do anything to merit such a ****ed up comment. In fact, I agree with Theneedleman because it sucks when you miss Bonemerang and die. I'm speaking from experience here, though.
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    I promised you a rate, so here it is. Will comment on more later.
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    tHe OU sUcKeR #1

    Chelsea means 330 in Special Defense btw. =D
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    Team Tourney Round 1

    Yes, I don't have to battle Chelsea!
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    Le UU

    Also, don't use CB on Hitmontop-it utterly sucks. Either use Bulk Up, or use Agility if you really want it to be a good SD recievier. Maybe STalkAmpharos over Manectric to counter other Electrics and such? Also, you didn't say hi to me. D:
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    The Biatches finally go on a raping season!

    You missed the Spiker on your team. D: