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    Fighting Flyer With Fire! (133)

    I liked this episode, especially Team Rocket in the beginning. It amazes me how a simple costume change could totally fool the twirps into not seeing that Team Rocket's trying to nab their Pokemon. Haha, but yeah, Falkner was a cool gym leader. Like another user said, I didn't like him trying to...
  2. Y

    Pokémon - The Indigo League (01)

    This was, no doubt, the best saga. It was funny, charming, and everything you'd expect in a high-caliber anime and more. The humor, as I said, was great, the characters and their developments (for the most part) were great additions, easy to relate to and memorable- unlike their Johto...
  3. Y

    Pokémon - The Johto League (03,04,05)

    Lol Yeah, that's the part I hated most. There were 3 Johto seasons, with about 170 eps in all. Out of that 170, it seemed like 160 were filler eps.
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    Pokémon - The Johto League (03,04,05)

    I didn't like this era much at all. Way too much useless filler, Misty/Brock became useless, so much character potential was wasted, too little captures, same old dry Team Rocket routine, generic/boring filler characters, and just an overall anemic-feeling saga that couldn't draw me in any other...
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    Challenge of the Samurai (004)

    I, for one, actually liked this episode. I felt so bad when Metapod got sliced open, felt so good when Misty was seen with a bikini on, Samurai was a pretty cool character (much better than the Johto and Hoenn generics), Team Rocket was great, the Beedrills were great, Metapod evolved into...
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    Should they explain things in the anime?

    Okay, three things: 1. How'd we get on the subject of whether or not Pokemon's an anime? Not that I think such a matter needs explaining anyway though... 2. Pokemon can be enjoyed by any age group, much like just about any show, but it also- like any other show- has a target age demographic...
  7. Y

    Song of Jigglypuff (045)

    I loved the beginning where Team Rocket got beat up by the grumpy strangers!
  8. Y

    Song of Jigglypuff (045)

    Team Rocket getting beat up by the grouchy citizens greatly warrants a 10/10 from me. I'm really surprised not many people posted in this topic.
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    Attack of the Pre-historic Pokémon! (046)

    Am I the only one that didn't like how fast Charmeleon evolved? I mean, I enjoyed the Aerodactyl/Charizard fight scene but Charmeleon's my favorite second stage Pokemon, and I guess I just wanted to see more of him. Great episode though, 8/10.
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    Are there any pokemon you wish you could kill?

    To all saying no Pokemon should die: They are cartoon characters! This coming from a dedicated Pokemon fan himself, you really shouldn't overmagnify your passion for Pokemon. What this topic is doing is simply asking us posters which Pokemon you'd prefer to never see in the games again...
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    Ditto's Mysterious Mansion! (037)

    This was one of the funniest episodes ever (following closely behind Ghost of Maiden's Peak), they just don't make them like this anymore. Between Misty's strange cat face, the fan yelling out "it's still got that dumb face!", Jesse slapping James and Meowth, Ditto transforming into the book...
  12. Y

    The Tower of Terror! (023)

    This is still one of my favorite episodes ever. Haunter ditching Ash twice was golden. I also liked Sabrina's little backstory too.