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    WEP and Router?

    I'm trying to get onto Nintendo Wi-Fi, but I need to have my WEP for it. When i looked in the wi-fi handbook, it said I need to chack my router settings. What is a router and how do i check it's settings?
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    Radio and Computer Speakers

    An odd thing happened to me today. When I was surfing on the web, my computer started to play a radio station. I wasn't veiwing any videos, and it comtinued to play even after I closed out of the internet browser. So, I thought that maybe my computer speakers might of picked up some radio...
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    coolest thing you ever saw in a video game

    -Driving the Warthog throught the final part in Halo 3. -Halo 3 Brute Chopper -The final fight in Super Mario 64
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    Final boss pushovers. (spoilers)

    Dr. Doom in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Is it, or was way to easy for me? All I had to do was constently use Spider-Man's Web Snare Ability. Easy As pie...
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    Fic ideas

    I've just had this idea for a Marvel Fic. Ghost Rider is in a bar in New York City when Carnage attacks the bar. After killing a friend of Spider-Man for info, Carnage goes off. Ghost Rider, knocked out during the attack, gets up and goes after Carnage. After catching up with Carnage, Ghost...
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    The Vidya Gaem: Which Ones Are You Playing?

    Homeworld Kirby Squeak Squad Runescape
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    Real Time vs Turn Based?

    I've gott to go with both really, but I kind of perfer Real Time, since I like to quickly react to things. Homworld is a prime example of this. If I see the opponet is sending two Destroyers and 4 Ion Cannon Frigates I can quickly send in Attack Bombers with Interceptor and Multi-Gun Corrvette...
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    Racing Games.

    I love racing games. I remeber that I had this one game on the SNES that I couldn't put down. Can't remember the name now though... Anyway, the Burnout series and the Mario Kart series are my favorites. Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition was cool to.
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    How Good are you at Games?

    I'm good at Racing (Burnout Revenge), FPS (Halo!!), and RTS (Homeworld FTW).
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    Rate how well known the above user is

    I have not seen or heard of you much.... 4/10
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    Scary Experiences in Various Video-Games

    Like-Likes scared the living sh** out of me in LoZ:OoT. Also as a side note, the Flood in the Halo games freak my sister out.
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    Halo 3

    Halo 3 is a FPS (First Person Shooter) for the XBox 360. The game takes place in the year 2552 when humanity is fighting off an alliance of alien races known as The Covenant. For 30 years the UNSC (Humans) has been fighting the Covenant, and losing many planets along the way, one of which was...
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    What animals have yet to be turned into a pokemon?

    We need a falcon Pokemon, also a another scorpion, an ant, crocodile, python, diamondback, and puma. For fossil pokemon we can still use a velociraptor, stegasarous, and triceratops.
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    The NFL Club '07

    Mind if I join the club? I'd like to have the Detroit Loins.
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    halo 3 boring

    There is one other thing you can do in Halo 3. Easter Egg hunt and glitch! Get some friends and try to find Easter Eggs in Campaign. Also try out some of the glitchs in the game. If you don't know were to start go the HighImpactHalo to find stuff. Sereously, the glitching community in Halo is...
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    Halo to Halo 3 - Really that good?

    Just to throw in my two cents, but the Halo games were revolutionary in one way. Machinima. Although Quake beat Halo to the punch, it was machinima series like Red VS Blue, filmed in Halo, that brought the art form into the public eye. Halo and Quake share the title for the Father's of Machinima.
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    Video game dreams.

    I remember I had a dream that I was in Halo 3. Me and a group of spartans were fighting off wave after wave of flood combat forms. I had a shotgun and a spartan next to me was firing a chain gun into the waves of zombie wannabes. We were running out of ammo and the flood were getting closer. I...
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    I'm Generalb8 (lv. 50)
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    Offical Machinima Thread

    Hey, this is General Blaze, bringing you the first Offical Machinima Thread. Rules 1) No cursing or bashing. Be respectful of other peoples creations, after all, you don't like it when something you worked hard on is cursed out by someone you don't even know. 2) Be Respectful. Value other...