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    A few things.

    I know the answer for number 3. Alolan trades ignore everything: they ignore the nature manipulation and even the shiny charm. Its pure RNG here for everything. The only thing set for these trades, are which 3 of the 6 stats will be perfect.
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    Oh god sorry, just saw ypur message, I'm having trouble seeing notifications here

    Oh god sorry, just saw ypur message, I'm having trouble seeing notifications here
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    Melmetal wanted (Done)

    Hey guys, I know Melmetal is extremely hard to get, but I can't have pokemon GO o my phone, cause it's a very old phone. So I have to try it, al least, to get it from trade. I can offer (more will be added soon): *shiny Kakuna *shiny Pidgey *shiny Rattata *shiny Nidoran male *shiny Zubat *shiny...
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    Location of MewTwo Master Trainer

    Actually just raised my Mewtwo to level 95, no candies, and got the Mewtwo title, shitty IVs and everything
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    Shiny Hunting Problem?

    If you do have the shiny Charm, then your probablity of 1/273, if you dont, is 1/315. There is actually nothin wrong, and no trick for this. Pure Luck. I once spent 4 days looking for Hitmonchan. And my shiny Kangaskhan appeared in 25 minutes (Catch Combo of 13 actually). Just pure luck (btw...
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    Shiny Metapods to a good home

    Ok then no thanks
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    Shiny Metapods to a good home

    I would like one but without a nickname please :)
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    Shiny Metapods to a good home

    Do you want anything specific in exchange of them?
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    Shiny Pokémon ?! who have you caught?!

    Just got a shiny Kangaskhan at chain combo 12, super lucky today
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    [SHINY HUNTING] New technique and theory, 30 min on average

    Holly **** it worked! Thanks a lot good man, another shiny to my collection (Hitmonchan)
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    [SHINY HUNTING] New technique and theory, 30 min on average

    I have right now a 300+ chain combo, I will definitely try this. BTW, Chansey is a Rare Spawn, which obbeys different mechanics, not exactly indicating luck as you say https://www.serebii.net/letsgopikachueevee/rarespawns.shtml Will try this technic
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    Need help with pokedex please. Reward available.

    I could give you the Omanyte if you still have the Japanese spare Mew
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    Shiny for Meltan

    Hey guys, me again. I'm looking for a Meltan. But for a Relaxed nature Meltan, don't care about IV's, but please not AV trained. Just a recently caught Relaxed nature Meltan. I offer a shiny in exchange. These are the shinies I have for trade: -Kakuna -Pidgey -Pidgeotto -Rattata -Nidoran Male...
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    Shiny Pokémon ?! who have you caught?!

    Currently Chaining for a shiny Hitmonchan....Hard....as....fck
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    Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu/Eevee HELP THREAD

    I believe that also increases the happines, but in-game experiences are, in my ecperience, more effective
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    Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu/Eevee HELP THREAD

    Taking them out of the pokeball and talking to them increases their happiness a lot
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    Shiny Alolan Odds

    Hey everyone. So I'm trying to get a Shiny Alolan Diglett. I know so far the nature is random, cannot be manipulated by that creepy guy in Celadon City. Also if you trade a shiny you will recieve a regular. Just wanted to ask you, does the odds of recieving a shiny Alolan get affected by the...
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    can you help me evolve my haunter please?

    You are welcome,enjoy your new Gengar