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    Do you usually put the Red/Blue starters on your team in Yellow?

    Ya know I’ve never done a true full Ash run on Yellow as I usually let my Squirtle and Bulbasaur fully evolve and usually make Haunter my 6th party member (I usually release Butterfree as soon as I arrive in Lavender town) I might have to try that.
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    Well you had Ash and Pikachu seeing Ho-oh in episode 1 (before his design was finalized) Togepi for Misty Snubull and Marill in Pikachu’s Vacation and later Tracey owned his own Marill The Pirate trainer in Mewtwo Strike’s Back with a Donphan Ledyba, Elekid, and Bellosom in Pikachu’s Rescue...
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    This was a pretty consistent thing for pre-Johto preview gen 2 Pokemon. The nameless pirate trainer in Mewtwo Strikes Back having a Donphan Tracey’s Marill The Snubull in Pikachu’s Vacation that didn’t seem to have a known owner
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    To be fair Orange Islands>Johto>Hoen>Sinnoh gave mostly consistent character development and growth Then Unova came and hit the reset button on his brain
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    Are there any good Pokemon challenges?

    Mono type challenge might be fun. I thought about that one of the gift only challenge. I dont like Nuzlocke’s release your fainted Pokemon like they’re dead aspect.
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    Are there any good Pokemon challenges?

    Trying to play the games with the one of the many challenges. I know Nuzlocke is super popular but I was never fond of that challenge
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    Is Ash the anime counterpart of some of the male game protagonists? Not only Red.

    I don’t recall the player character in Black and White having any personality? I mean arguably none of the player characters have personalities until they’re played as rivals and even then not really
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    Season 2 has hit netflix!

    You literally responded to a 5 year old thread that is no longer relevant
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    Dreams by the Yard Full (665)

    I swear to God this saga has uttered the words Kanto more times in six episodes than the actual Kanto saga (probably because it never did) Why does Best Wishes insist on making Ash a dumbass? He forgot that all Nurse Joys looked alike? Even though this was a thing in all the other regions he...
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    Triple Leaders, Team Threats! (664)

    In the games the Striaton gym leaders has you battle the leader whose Pokemon has an advantage over your starter (but its okay because you get the elemental monkey that has an advantage over theirs before you fight them) In the anime they let you choose which of them to fight while showing off...
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    We never actually saw Haunter in battle though And I doubt even in Kanto they would have it use its Looney Tunes fu in an actual battle
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    The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice (663)

    Boy compared to Johto and Hoen and Sinnon the Unova saga sure moves fast. 4 episodes in and Ash already has two of the three starters. And next episode is a gym battle. Tepig was an obvious rehash of the Charmander story but oh well the target audience wasn’t alive when that episode aired in...
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    A Sandile Gusher of Change (662)

    Is it nostalgia? Rewatching Best Wishes it just kind of feels like the writers assume their audience never saw the Kanto story. Stuff like rehashing Charmander’s story or a gang of Pokemon where the leader wears sunglases and eventually joins Ash. But also having Ash act like a newb all the...
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    Enter Iris & Axew (661)

    Why did they make Ash so dumb in this series? While Kanto sometimes made him unbelievably ignorant for a supposed Pokemon fanboy it at least had the excuse he was new. He’s clearly been through five different Leagues and catch dozens and dozens of Pokemon but he forgets he has to weaken a...
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    Favorite Friendships

    The ghostly trio in Pokemon Tower at Lavendar Town
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    Literally nothing. Ash needed a ghost Pokemon to battle Sabrina. It agreed to join him. That’s not stalking. There’s a difference between stalking (what Jigglypuff did) and going along with (what Haunter did) My mistake. That still wouldn’t apply to Haunter as Ash only had 5 other Pokemon at...
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    By what? Jigglypuff was stalking the group. It hardly joined Ash’s team like Haunter did. Didn’t at one point he had Pikachu, Noctowl, Heracross, Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur all on the same team? Dont know if I would put too much stock in if
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    In The Shadow of Zekrom (660)

    I haven’t watched Best Wishes since it was on tv and even then I missed a good deal of episodes. Since Hulu appears to have the entire series plus the movies I decided to do a full rewatch. One thing that I really liked about this episode is Ash actually acts like a 10-year old boy. He’s over...
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    They went along with him. He didn’t catch them the same way he did Caterpie, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, Krabby, and Muk
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    I’m just not so sure about how I feel about the OS anymore

    He also didn’t catch Charmander or Squirtle.