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    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Young, Wild and Free, Snoop Dogg ft Wiz Khalifa
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    The Did you know? Thread

    Well I apparently learned this today... Don't know how true it is though haha: Did you know that because people are using their thumbs nowadays so much more than our ancestors did (i.e with remote controls and cellphones) our thumb muscles are developing and therefore our thumbs are getting...
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    X Factor Discussion

    I can't believe Diana got sent out. She was so much better than the others.
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    LV's workshop....Request for almost anything! (plz use forms, & read the rules)

    EEVEE ROX Glitter Text-- Text: Golden Mew! Describe Font: Big, not scratchy or girly, not graffiti like, soft, rounded, readable. Could you make the colour either Dark blue like the mismigamius example OR a readable red-pink and sparkly like this Mismigamius example:
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    ~*~Tori's Little Corner Shop~*~

    Oh... WOW!!! That's amazing. Sorry I wasn't here to pick it up earlier. Thank you so much for your hard work, that's a wonderful job!
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    BlazingFury's Request Shop!

    ) Name: Princess Crystal 2) TC template #: 34 3) Pokemon: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres. 4) Trainer: Winona 5) Pokemon next to trainer: Mew 6) Badges: Co-ordinator Ribbons
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    ~*~Tori's Little Corner Shop~*~

    I'd like a banner, please: Image(s): A picture of a cute mew. Background colour: Pinky-purple. Can you do the background all mixed like you've got in the Suicine banner example and your mudkip banner in your signature? Text: Mew Font: The font that you use in your Suicine banner example...
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    Cheating or not?

    My brother thinks that trading shiny pokemon on pokemon games, particularly now that there is the NDS Wi-Fi, is cheating. I don't think so. Is this cheating or not?
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    what gym had you frustrated

    The 2nd is still giving me trouble. I mainly have a water team, and that Roserade's magical leaf... Well, it wipes out all my Pokemon. SO annoying.
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    Something Intersting

    No. That would mean that rare pokemon wouldn't be rare after all, and everyone would have them, and it would take away the fun of trying to get a ledgendary pokemon. It takes away the whole point of the game.
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    Diamond and Pearl European Release!

    That's great. I've been trying to find out when this game was going to hit the UK shops. It'll probably be in great demand.
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    Information About the Infraction Point System

    Good thinking, well done. I like this system.
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    Suckiest Final Evolved Pokemon

    Feraligatr is the worst evolved pokemon in the World, it's so damn ugly! But I think it has rather good stats...