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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Nice pictures Pochaki. :cool: And to answer the current topic: I love Pokeshipping more than any other ship. I'd give up smoking to see Pokeshipping happen. (I don't smoke anyway, so it's win-win for me :LOL: ) I was 26 when I initially got into Pokeshipping. If I could use one...
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    The Pika Pizza Commercial (Comedy One Shot)

    Hi FlamingRuby First, I want to say That I love your work. You do so many awesome things to contribute the Pokemon fandom in the most creative ways (I'm not sure if that's the right way to put it, but I think you know what I mean.) Anyways, I thought this was really funny, plus, I knew it was...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Oops. I thought you were just taking a roll call, until I saw the song.:confused: sorry. That's okay, besides I'm not as passionnate about Pokeshipping as I used to be, but I still enjoy the shipping.
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    You can add me to the list, even though I've probably posted in the thread 3 or 4 times.
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    Unfair Weather Friends (359)

    I've always known it was called Dexette because they say it in the closed captioning. I also don't see what's the big deal with giving the pokedex a nickname. That's just like naming your iPod or computer. I know that it didn't have a name in the original, but I thought it was neat that they...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    I know who you're talking about. And she is a member here and goes by the name Scuba Diving.
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    I would have not let Brock interrupt such a shippy moment (I never forgave him for that) Then I would let Misty confess her true feelings for Ash, Then she would kiss him on the lips, which makes Ash a bit confused for a bit. then he would just smile and say that he will miss her too.
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    The stupidest reasons I've heard were mostly from Palletshippers or some other Ash/other boy ships, And they just make up evidence that is not true. Another one I remember was from a poster who doesn't come here anymore named Hewie. She came up with the most ridiculous reasons why Ash and...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Oh yeah, that's right. She also said "You only hurt the one you love" That fits Ash and Misty perfectly.
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    If the characters of Pokemon were going to some fancy awards, who would you award the “Most Obvious Pokeshipper” and “Person to help along with Pokeshipping hints”? There's only one character I can think of who is the most obvious Pokeshipper, TRACEY SKETCHIT! First runner up is Melody...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    I have posted here once in a while, and I do lurk here a lot. However, my interest in Pokemon and Pokeshipping is hanging by a very thin thread, but I can still come here to meet new friends. ^V^
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Hmmm, how about a milk chocolate hollow pikachu? Kinda makes sense since Pikachu somewhat resembles a rabbit.
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    Balance of Power! (346)

    Does anyone besides me think that Ash saying that he won the Balance Badge was a tad rude after he calmed Max down? Personally, I think Max was overreacting to his dad losing. He needs to realize that this is what being a Gym leader is all about, winning, losing, and being a good sport about...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    I'm not sure if this topic was made but, What was the first Pokeshipping fan fiction you ever read? The first one for me was one that I found at Pokemon Village Where Ash, Misty and Brock see a psychic at a carnival. I can't seem to find it online, but I did print it out once, so if it's...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Agreed. That guy reminds me of one of those sites that make certain anime girls fat, including Misty.
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    True Blue Swablu! (340)

    I'm sorry to say this, but I didn't like the way Max was blubbering at the end. They may have well just added some snot running out of his nose. In fact, I don't think anyone has snotted on Pokemon yet.
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    Destiny Deoxys (M07)

    Great movie! I like the way they're showing the movies now, which I think is a lot better than putting them in theaters. the only things I didn't like was the way Rayquaza was pronounced and the commercials every 5 minutes.
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    Maxxed Out! (325)

    Did anybody catch the LOTR reference with Jessie going "Must have the Surkit!" like Gollum? That, and the mecha mallet were the highlights of this episode. Also, Skitty was too cute for words.^v^
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    The School of Hard Knocks! (009)

    I need to know something about a possible cut from the episode. When Ash and Brock were drooloing over Giselle, and Saying she looks like as movie star, Misty comments that she would love to show them some stars, then we cut to some arrogant bragging by Giselle. Now, in the original, did Misty...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Hi guys! ^v^ You may not remember me, but I used to post in the original Pokeshippers discussion. Anyways, I watched today's episode, and was also dissapointed with the lack of shippy hints. I also think they should have handled Togepi/Togetic's farewell differently like showing a montage, or...