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    Pokemon: New stories (jirachis wish)

    I give the comic a 7/10 it would have been a 9/10 but I couldnt really understand anything. The part where you were trying to describe the "legend of the Jirachi egg" had so many grammatical and spelling mistakes that I thought it was typed by a computer that didn't have this key...
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    haveing trouble!

    Or if you are really desperate you can just BATTLE THE TRAINER WHO HAS ONE right by the pokemon mansion.
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    Somthing that stops ice/water pokemon

    IMO it is better to use Electrive.
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    The Team Eaters

    Wow... I think I finally found someone as stupid as Invader_X... Most people try to avoid using legendaries as most consider them cheap. However if you meant UBER (super strong non legendary pokemon) then I would consider learning the difference between the two words. It's like comparing...
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    Gallade w/ Focus Punch

    yeah.. if you get hit when using F-punch it makes you lose focus. Not flinch...
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    So here's my first comp team.

    hmm. I hate legendary users. It reminds me of something that happened on the wifi chat on this site. Anyway you can probably beat him. Just make sure he doesn't use anything cheap like Articuno with lock on and sheer cold. Also I would find a way to work in another stat inducer in there...
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    Rate/Fix my team

    Dont Double Post Also I know it will be a Pain in the Ash-h+s but you will have to rebreed your pokemon for some decent natures.
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    Birthday RMT

    Yeah and get arrested for underage drinking? What a r-tard you must be. Hello! legal drinking age 21! Also I bet 5 million dollars that you have never touched a bottle of alcohol in your life. Unfortunately neither can I since Alcoholism runs on both sides of my families and my dad had to enter...
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    Trick Room Team

    Also I would use knockoff. Stone edge isnt good unless you can force alot of switches. And a lot of teams rely on items. A knockoff would ruin there strategy. Including choice banders.. Life orb users... etc...
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    Could this team work?

    Ev's? Natures? Move sets? Also four of your pokemon are weak to fire and will easily succumb to a well trained Infernape.
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    Trick Room Team

    interesting.. very interesting... I like it. It would certainly put a dent in many players strategys. I mean it would make every sweeper almost useless (most sweepers have horrid defense and will die in one hit from SE attacks) since they all rely on speed. Of course if both your trick roomers...
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    RMT: Team Rhycarisserrazamtomb

    I would.. If i knew that a STalklax was
  13. F


    Hmm. I personally use items (life orb is good) that make Gengar take damage every turn. That way he can easily set up a Destiny Bond.
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    Hmm. I personally use items (life orb is god) that make Gengar take damage every turn. That way he can easily set up a Destiny Bond.
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    RMT: Team Rhycarisserrazamtomb

    Eh.. I have three first gen starters to offer. And A few legendaries. Also I kinda stand against cloning and don't plan on switching my views anytime soon. And i have heard that cloning can erase your save file.
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    I need suggestions on my team and on a 6th pokemon

    umm you just triple posted with three different posts. That has nothing to do with a slow comp. Also, Focus Punch? You gotta be kidding me. Hello! most pokemon will hit you and then guess what. You just wasted a turn. Also I cant really explain it but for some reason your team just looks...
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    Yan, Yan, Yanan Yanma!

    ok. I really wish I could sig that but I have no room left... Yanma + learning ancient power= evolves to Yanmega = a lot more power
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    RMT: Team Rhycarisserrazamtomb

    I will try to get an untrained blissey with seismic toss and aromatherapy
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    RMT: Team Rhycarisserrazamtomb

    what nature should cresselia have? Also, do you think I should get rid of one of my blisseys moves for Aromatherapy? and if so, which one?
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    RMT: Team Rhycarisserrazamtomb

    thanks for all the help. And ya. Ev's werent posted because I didn't really know what to do for them.