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    The Maliciously Spiteful sprites of Golden Arcanine

    oh good idea i get right on it now :)
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    The Maliciously Spiteful sprites of Golden Arcanine

    well he has two wings maybe like his arms or legs he likes to strecth out the other one at times :) plus dude its just a name to catch peoples eye =_=' but i thank you for your words of wisdom and try to wacth more closely for that.
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    The Maliciously Spiteful sprites of Golden Arcanine

    Greetings and Bienvenue to all who come across these forums i shall try and entertain all with the best of sprites and today we have a personal favorite of mine Evil Arcanine enjoy stay with me your guide to the malicious and spiteful this is Golden Arcanine until we meet again next time.
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    What Anime Series Would You Recommend to Watch?

    i hate to say this but with shaman king your better off reading the manga but id have to say bleach or blood plus very good serious they have some dull moments but overall really fun or if you like crime scene investigators or death gods Death Note is a good choice perverbial game of cat and...
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    Pokemon Fusions?

    if you think about it there are two pokemon that fuse together to make one pokemon a slowpoke but its probably more of a symbiotic relationship thats fro slowbro for slowking its ogive him smarts since the vemon from shelldar pumps into slowpokes head stimulating some part of the...
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    How long did it take you to level your pokes up to lvl 100?

    yeah i was lucky enough to get pokerus and spent a few days getting lucky eggs definitly helps the leveling go faster so now i can level a pokemon from 50 to 100 in less than a day with EV's
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    thanks took me awhile

    thanks took me awhile
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    The Nicknaming Thread

    few of my names i came up with Registeel/Heavy=after heavy metal Regice/Zero= from etiher Sub Zero or absoute zero Regirock/Fist= i thought of hellboy's stone fist Lucario/Cairo= named him after the city in egypt Arcanine(Shiny)/Duke= named after a deceased pet i loved...
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    Brock apparently = Misty!

    they really need to have what they had with AG with max but a little more flushing out with the fourth character
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    yep i like the spin they put on the story plus im hoping they have a collectible with it like the stand fr the stylus pens for pre-ordering it
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    If you were in Team Rocket, what would you do?

    use my arcanine to burn through the ranks mainupulate Giovanni into doing my bidding with me pulling his strings while traveling the regions looking for capable trainers and recruit them and lets see give meowth the pleaseure of being by my side since he likes to suck up and i like complements...
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    Should Mario retired?

    theres no percentage low enough to say how probable that they would retire any of the series
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    Ash's character

    you know it makes you think if this show was canceled what would we all be talking about right now but anyways i like ash he has his moments i was excited to see him on cartoon network at the time before that channel went retarded and the voice actors was a bad blow but i got use to them and...
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    Possible Pokemon Timeline

    ok i had a thought in the remakes of R/B/G bringing a fossil back to life was a very serious thing same with the fossils in R/S but in D/P/Pl its no biggy i mean they have a gym leader with exstinct pokemon which means it takes place after those games since basically the technology has advanced...
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    Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

    arcanine's description is the only one to link are world with the pokemon stating that china reveres it as a thing of beauty.
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    Which Pokemon Would You Be?

    Arcanine or Torterra
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    2 Regions

    but dont forget about two key factors one they could put the sevii islands in to this remake and id personally like to see a city in the whirl islands simialr to the anime that would be a great improvement i mean the story for lugia and ho-oh were lacking i mean you get a feater and boom they...
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Gym leader: Scythe Pokemon:Dark/Fire Pokemon: Shiny Arcanine/Duke Houndoom/Ace Flareon/Flare Umbreon/Shade Absol/Abyss Charizard/Sigfried
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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    so if anyone can explain the pokeradar and chains i mean im use to the old way of catching a shiny which is funny becuase i caught a rattata while training one of my pokemon in the battle zone go figure when you want them to pop up they dont but when you dont they do lol but id be appercitive if...
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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    im a shiny hunter yes i know shocking but i just want to say first shiny was a frickin awesome pokemon Shint growlithe now a level 100 arcanine but ive been doing the chain and soft resting for a month or two without results. but to all who have succes congradulations your hard work paid off...