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    Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

    I really wanna use a Pokemon that I dont use much so I decided on a Jumpluff can someone rate her Moveset & EV spread? ;189; Adamant 98 Speed, 216 Attack, 196 Spc Defence Aerial Ace Sleep Powder/Leech Seed (havent had much luck with Sleep Powder lately) Swords Dance Seed Bomb I'm...
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    Rate my PBR team

    I might switch out Rapidash for Magmorter since i dont have any special sweepers besides Milotic. My Toxicroak actually does have Dry Skin thats kind why i have Rain Dance. In double battles i usually use Milotic & Toxicroak to start with (when i can), set up a Rain Dance & use surf so my...
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    Rate my PBR team

    Ok, here's my team i used to beat the elite four so i wanna see if they're ready for the PBR challenges now: ;078; Nature: Lonely @Wide Lens Flare Blitz Agility Megahorn Return ;350; Nature: Modest @Wise Glasses Surf Rain Dance Ice Beam Recover ;405; Nature: Adamant @Razor...
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    My Eeevee Team

    Eevee has always been one of my favorite pokemon so i thought i'd make a whole team of Eevee evolutions, so tell me what you guys think? ;134; Acid Armor Surf Ice Beam Baton Pass ;135; Agility Baton Pass Thunderbolt Shadow Ball ;136; Fire Fang Return Will-O-Wisp Iron...
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    Need a 6th Member

    Ok, i currently need a good 6th team member heres my team right now: ;392; Adamant Fire Blitz Swords Dance Close Combat Earthquake ;468; Modest Air Slash Ancient Power Wish Aura Sphere ;376; Jolly Agility Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Hammer Arm ;049; Modest Buzz Bug Sleep...
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    Moveset Help for a few Pokemon

    Let me see if i can Help a little bit Rhyperior Stone Edge Megahorn Earthquake Swords Dance/Hammer Arm Houndoom Sunny Day Flamethrower Solar Beam Dark Pulse Scizor Swords Dance X-Scissor Iron Head Night Slash Electivire Thunder Punch Cross Chop Earthquake Rock Slide
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    Do anyone have a good water type?

    Gyrados & Milotic are very good Choices Milotic Has Good defenses & a very good Special Attack & Gyrados has an Awesome attack stat i can give you a moveset for each too Milotic Surf Ice Beam Attract Mirror Coat Gyrados Aqua Tail Dragon Dance Earthquake Ice Fang hope i helped...
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    Roserade Moveset

    Can someone help me figure out a good moveset for my Roserade? At the moment her moveset is this: Energy Ball GrassWhistle Sludge Bomb Toxic Spikes
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    Looking for Murkrow

    Does anyone have a Murkrow that they're willing to trade for my Misdreavus? I'm also looking for a Metal Coat too ill trade for any TM, thanks
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    Looking for Murkrow

    Does anyone have a Murkrow that they're willing to trade for my Misdreavus? I'm also looking for a Metal Coat too ill trade for any TM, thanks