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    Serebii.net Suggestion Thread

    I don't know if this is the place to put this but i was hoping someone could link the contest stats page in the ORAS pokedex to the details pages for breeding. None of the links to the breeding stuff on the contest page work and its very annoying having to switch back and forth when figuring out...
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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Friend Code: 3050-7707-8520 My Friend safari has: Trapinch, Marowak, Gastrodon Looking for Normal: Smeargle Dark: Vullaby Bug: Pinsir Dragon: Dragonair Fairy: Swirlix, Clefairy Fighting: Sawk Fire: Ponyta Flying: Rufflet, Hawlucha Ghost: Golurk Grass: Tangela, Sawsbuck Psychic: Girafarig, Xatu...
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    I don't know where to post this but there are some pokeball pokemon that serebii missed old ones like Gardevoir, Kyogre, Lugia, and Suicune and new ones like Snivy, Oshawott, Emolga, Inkay, Giratina, and Zoroark.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Smogon agrees with serebii i dont know if that helps but i cant check for myself i dont have the game
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    hey could someone explain this to me my friend has an angsty togepi (the one that he got from the egg) and as far as i know thats not possible before this i have never heard of an angsty nature nor does the site have anything on it, please somebody make sense of this, the only thing i can think...
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    um can someone help me or explain what I am doing wrong, in vermilion when you leave the fan club stevens supposed to come out and talk to you. In my game he isnt and he hasnt is there a pre-requisite for it (i already have the national dex, so besides that)?
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    If you could live in the Sinnoh Region, where would that be?

    pastoria i would have fun in the great marsh and i could hang out with awsome pokemon
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    If you could live in the Sinnoh Region, where would that be?

    pastoria i would have fun in the great marsh and i could hang out with awsome pokemon
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    Would you play a Pokemon game made for teens?

    well some swearing would be nice and maybe some blood, it is a bit to childish but try to avoid changeing the whole concept (grand theft auto). Also it would be cool if the trainers fought along side thier pokemon and the pokemon could target trainers
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    What do you do with your Unown?

    get them all then box warmers
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    What's your LEAST favorite Pokemon/Type?

    least favorite type: of course u cant hate a type but my least favorite is probably steel or dragon thier to over used least fav pokemon: i dont exactly hate any pokemon but my least fav is probably luvdisc its too useless
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    What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

    evos: smeargle, volbeat, illumise, luvdisc, manectric, banette, eevee (a flying evo), ditto, sandslash, shuckle, pinsir, heracross, forretress, rotom, pachirisu, chimecho, linoone, dunsparce, qwilfish, farfetch'd, shuckle, corsola, unown, raticate, chatot, magcargo, seaking pre-evos...
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    Zap! The Electric Face-Offs

    x5 hurt raichu x5 heal jolteon
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    Alphabetical Face-off!

    shuppet definantly
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    SPLASH! water pokemon face-off!!!

    got to go with pelliper
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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    cradily looks cooler
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    Top 10 from every type

    top 10 flying types 10. gliscor 9. skarmory 8. vespiquen 7. honchkrow 6. salamence 5. mantine 4. pidgeot 3. swellow 2. noctowl 1. staraptor
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net

    in the new pokemon ranger 2 browser vespiquens assist says flying but has a picture of the bug assist sorry to sound picky but plz fix it, it should only take a minute
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    Training Ubers

    yeah im okay with training ubers for your game but for competitive areas i dont think they should be used