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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    I wonder where can I meet Chingling on Thursday. I haven't seen it on my Pokedex.
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    *****CONFIRMED***** Info Discussion Topic [NOT SPECULATION]

    The official website has just updated. According to the instruction of receiving Jirachi, there's a link about "How to set up in your home and Nintendo Wi-Fi Station", so this Jirachi event should be a general Wi-Fi event, not limited to McDonalds.
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    Cannot visit Serebii.net?

    Today I visited Serebii.net but it only says "The server at www.serebii.net is taking too long to respond." I wonder if Serebii's IP address was blocked by the Chinese firewall, but I still can't visit Serebii.net via Tor or proxy servers. Does everyone can visit? I hope Serebii never...
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    is this this month one?

    Maybe that forum is lack of manage, Some bad guys posted some adult links on it. Right, they are going to battle Tucker. It seems that the publish date of Vol.23 had been confirmed(Oct,27). Silver is shocked with his costume. The real intention of Deoxys still puzzle. It seems that Yellow...
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    is this this month one?

    It's here. waiting for translation... Netkun have not updated yet.
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    August's Plot Discussion

    I have read Vol.15 again..And found something surprising... When Ruby and Sapphire were in a cave and a Seviper came to attack..That time the 4 pokemons of Ruby(Zuzu,Nana,KeKe,RuRu) were all outside. But Ruby took out another Pokeball and beated the Seviper in one second, and Ruby said what...
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    August's Plot Discussion

    It is confirmed here. This noon, ソーナンス最強説 wrote a summary of the manga of this month and it confirmed that what Coronis said is true. Expecting the translation...... I'm being crazy!!!Norman and Steven can be saved!!! It is said on Netkun that Hidenori Kusaka will give us a dramatic...
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    August's Plot Discussion

    I hope Ruby's sixth is Celebi....Celebi is the only Pokémon can save a dead person...And Ruby's home is Goldenrod City, near the Ilex Forest. When Celebi appears, Ruby is probably 9 years old...Maybe Ruby meet Celebi after the MaskOfIce event...and Celebi turn to help now. Haven't Salamence...
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    PokéSpecial Vol.22 will be serialized in China

    Chinese Coro-Coro 2006 July released a chapter which title is "The Resolution of Ruby, the Power Rush at the Sky!"(路比的决断,冲向天空的力量!). I don't know whether it is the real title of Chapter 260 or not. A amazing news is that China Jilin Fine Arts Press will publish the comic of Movie6-8.
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    PokéSpecial Vol.22 will be serialized in China

    PokéSpecial Vol.22 will be serialized in China China Coro-Coro(Dragon Comic) announced that it will serialize PokéSpecial Vol.22 next month. It has serialized Chapter 259 this month. Maybe we can know the title of Chapter 260 from it. Although China Coro-Coro has finished serializing...
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    May's Plot Discussion

    Poor Ruby..Poor Wallace.. I hope Steven and Norman can revive.(Maybe MIMI will help them?) Why the baddies are so strong this month..