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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    the 2900 are how many watts i get a day. the steps are 300024. (i do know the differents there) pre-dex? u mean i get more course after i get the nat.dex? in the game it self, i've beat the etile 4 one and got my first kanto badge.
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    how to u unlock pokewalker course i have a few. but u need 100,000 watts for the last course. and i work 8 hours a day and end up with 2900 a day and still i cant seem to unlock any more cousres. i've had the walker since spet. 21 and use it very day. how do i unlock the last course?
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    im going to use it see how i walking around a parking lot for 8hours a day
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    Are you going to Import HG/SS / Which Version Are You Getting?

    ive got ss in yesertday and having a hard time trying to easer the currnet one so i can start a new one
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    How do u delete the game? and start a new one
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    ~Drew Club~

    Baby Shuu Here a picture of Shuu/ Drew as a Baby...
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    The Water Flowers of Cerulean City! (007)

    Ketchum WaterFlower Harrison Sketchit Well we all know Tracey's name last is Sketchit. And Ash is Ketchum. My question what big deal with last name.
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    It's Mr. Mime Time! (064)

    YES! I hated that line to. But the only way that would happen thought if Hanako/ Delia Ketchum as a C-thing.
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    The March of the Exeggutor Squad! (043)

    I like this one becauase you saw Kasumi/ Misty wear that goldeen costume. I want a costume like that.
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    Hooked on Onix (414)

    Is it just me or did I really hear James said. something about running like a Lucario?
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    The Right Place and the Right Mime (410)

    I saw the japanese verison of it. And I very have high hope for the english one. I mean one time you got a lot of Satoshi's friends all but Brock. But who cares about Brock. It will get Eric a change to do James's voice more. I wounder what words they are going to use in Professor Oak for...
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    The Scheme Team (409)

    Where to start, Yes I too and happy they keep the rice balls in. I mean watch Masamune/Morrison going after the sub was pretty sad. When Satoshi/Ash, Takeshi/Brock, Haruka/May and Masato/Max when they when they own ways it was not as sad as Gotta Catch Ya Later with Misty's Goodbye Song. See...
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    ~Misty Club~

    I rerember that epo. It was funning
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    The FR/LG Girl club

    Can I still join? Hey I've got a question can we put pic of the cosplayer that cosplay her.
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    ~Misty Club~

    oh that so cute, wow we all so make it too 400 pages
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    ~Misty Club~

    I know these are not the best Kasumi/ Misty pics but I like them so I want to show the to you. Both are for that Kasumi Special when she gets back the gym ^.^
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    May/Haruka Fan Club

    I noticed that are not a lot of pics with haruka in her dress for the Myuu and the Wave Guiling Hero costume so I took this shot for the moive.
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    ~Misty Club~

    I can't wait to see Chistmas pics of Kasumi and Satoshi.
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    37 New Avatars!

    WOW! There are some good one this time. Yes I can chance my avaters to a Serebii one.
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    ~Misty Club~

    WOW! I love the pic it so cute.