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    hi there lucario are good contest winners have you got your ds on wi-fi i have a shiny female...

    hi there lucario are good contest winners have you got your ds on wi-fi i have a shiny female lucario i might trade
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    ~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

    well ive completed my national dex beat a master rank contest with a lucario got the platinum flag underground brining my card up to 4 stars (yes nures joy knows my name) and ive beat 4 frontier brains palmer,argenta,darach and dahlia and started ev training a team now im trying to strike up 100...
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    Platinum Help Thread [2.0] [READ THE FIRST POST FIRST]

    you should be able to use it as its not a item you can use in battle
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    ~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

    just seen my 401st pokemon with 359 pokemon captured evolved a cyndaquil and got the las legend i needed for my dex entie started training a latias and wecomed a shiny staraptor too my normal play through and thats the latest news
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    The GPX Plus Fan Club

    thanks for acepting me and i wish i was there too primal dialga is my most wanted novelty shadow lugia is abit meh to me
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    The GPX Plus Fan Club

    its ok and i dont currantly need any infomation plus i have added you to my palpad chinchou egg and description "A blue egg with two yellow spots on it. Touching it might shock you." im going to abandon this one
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    The GPX Plus Fan Club

    lileep egg and description "A purple egg with two odd yellow markings on it. It looks kind of creepy...."
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    ok kinda bored

    ok kinda bored
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    The GPX Plus Fan Club

    Username:the lucario GPX Plus Username:Pulser GPX Plus Party Link:http://gpxplus.net/user/pulser What is your time zone?:gmt 0 How long have you been on GPX Plus?:since the begining Are you active on GPX Plus?:very How many total interactions have you done?:4,552 just stuff id like to...
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    Shaymin UK Pokemon Event Meetup Thread - Dates Listed

    i went to the one in aylesbury it wernt that bad but it wernt good
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    hiiiiiiiii all im the lucario im obviously a newbie on the forums and im not good at introductions so a little bit about myself im male im 12 i love lucario gardevoir and shaymin i love manga and anime and thats it really and also i love trading and battleing when wi-fi gets back up...