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    Need help evolving the dolphin and looking for area zero version exclusives from Violet if anybody is willing to help, last few Pokémon needed to tick my Pokédex off .
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    Can help you out in around 30mins or so ?
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    Go to Home transfer query.

    Yeah that was my main worry with the CP limit thing too. It’s the only plausible reason which is holding the Transfer back. Cheers for the quick response .
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    Go to Home transfer query.

    So I managed to bag a shiny mewtwo from a raid on Pokémon go while the Kanto event tour was happening, Last night while trying to transfer mons from Go in Home with wouldn’t allow me to send the mewtwo across , My energy bar was full (max) . But I kept getting the message I never had enough...
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    Why do so many people seem to dislike Sordward and Shieldbert?

    Jedward . Awful UK act that got 15mins of fame. Pretty sure they are based off these 2 . Worst part of the game.
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    Pokemon Home

    I remember it all guys . Bad times lol . It’s 2020 now . We shouldn’t have our hands tied in transferring Pokémon . I can go into global trade and send a random guy as many mons as I want butter I canny send as many of my own Pokémon to myself without a paywall or BS limit per day .
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    Pokemon Home

    The cool down period also sucks . It’s gking back to the same backache that transferring into black/white etc back in the day when it was 6 a time and a limit per day. I’ve done it all from link cable right up untill Home . I have a massive 20 year collection and it’s been awful trying to...
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    Pokemon Home

    I’ve hit up both Pokémon, Nintendo and Niantic stating to reconsider any paywall for Home/Po Go . Please do the same people. We pay a subscription for Home . We’ve paid a premium already for the uncut Pokémon from the Dex with the new DLCs. We’ve paid for Raid Passes/PokeBalls and Items and...
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    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    Does anybody even care about these cosmetic Pokémon ?
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    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    Cheers for the request RedJirachi . Added you mate . Just got Shiny Koffin from James . Oi oi
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    HELP!!!! LF: Alolan Marowak!

    Still need .
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    Biggest cheaters in the Pokémon games

    Joey and his Rattata . How he know it was a top %er , I call shenanigans
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    Pokémon Let's Go has been so fun

    Agree with all the OPs post and thoughts on the game . Similar age bracket, also massive nostalgia recently for both Crash and Spyro remasters . But Pokémon too me will and has always been my 1 guilty pleasure, I dreamt of been a real trainer and what Pokémon I would find around my area when...
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    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    double dropped Shiny Ekans and Koffin from Jesse and James from the same encounter . Either hit the luck on this one or that’s how they come when Shiny as a Double ?
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    Come Up with a New Hold Item

    Trench-coat - For easy in game Flash without the Tm/Hm needed . Umbrella- so my Charmander won’t get wrecked in the rain . Rubber Gloves/Wellies - stop my Squirtle from been zapped . Liquid spray - lil Bulbasaur needs some fire protection .
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    What's your favorite N64 Pokemon game?

    Stadium 1 . Hands down, what a summer we had playing the Caterpie out of that game. Smashing the elite 4 with our teams from Red/Blue to bashing mini games to work settle our Kiddie arguments. Also completing the hall of fame and getting every pokemon registered for a win was fun and kept us...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    By EU cart if possible . Don’t order from China If it’s just shown in the small cartridge clear holders avoid . Make sure for decent pics to view the code on the back matches the code on the front bottom . On the back the letters between the metal prongs should be uniformed in size font etc...
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    What would you research if you were a Pokémon Researcher?

    Always had interest in Reptiles and Amphibians , so reckon my research would lead down that path, More out in the field type work too studying habitats and such .
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    Whats the Best Thing You've Gotten Through Wonder Trade?

    Had all sorts of success over the years with high Iv mons,breeders,egg moves etc . Was around during wonder trade Wednesdays before it all went down hill and received loads of Shiny mons or full competitive mons . Probs my most enjoyable was a shiny oddish named W33D . Good laughs when...