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Search results

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    How's your handwriting?

    mine's chicken scratch. xD
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    Nature/Iv's for Specs-Mence-Need Advice!

    breed for a better modest. You want 31/x/25+/31/25+/31 IV's.
  3. S

    How was the PBR Gamestop Tourney?

    i won first place here in fresno, california and got PBR and a shirt. my little bro who is 8 years old won 2nd and also got a shirt. XD
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    Official Help Thread

    maybe u dont have six or more pogeys in the pc...
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    Favorite Video game console

    wii has pokemon. nuff said.
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    16. time played: 266:38 (pokemon pearl)
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    Official Help Thread

    the society is a place to get massages..nothing more.
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    got some shinies for trade

    shiny crobat for bold suicune? pm me if interested
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    I have a shiny Manaphy

    i have shiny giratina...wat nature is it?
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    Shiny Manaphy Up for Trade

    shiny giratina? untouched, uncloned, just one. pm if interested
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    Shiny Metagross up for trade!

    shiny alakazam..but its level 100
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    Glaceon VS Vaporeon

    all i can say is that glacia is a wannabe espeon!!! Vaporeon is in a whole different league than glacia..the higher one. glacia can't even sweep...its too slow!!!
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    Official Help Thread

    anyone know of a good IV calculator?
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    Official Help Thread

    Attack - Bibarel at Route 209 (Day time only)
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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    i just got a shiny bibarel from a friend.
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    English Shaymin.

    how bout a shiny alakazam, crobat, ninjask, spinda????
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    Official Help Thread

    where can i find that thing to evolve dusclops? and..anyone know of a good iv calculator?
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    Shiny Turtwig

    uum...ill give u a jirachi and a mew. both legit 2 for 1?
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    shinies, shinies and legends everywhere!

    id like to trade someting for ur shiny eevee. im willing to trade these listed pokemon. and id like 2 of them. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=222474