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    GTS Gets on my nerves.

    I hate the GTS because whenever I look for a pokemon I really want, say blissey for example, They always want something ridiculous like a lv. 100 jirachi or lv. 1 celebi every time.
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    game times

    79:44, my game time on soul silver is guaranteed to be longer
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    Which Starters From Each Gen/Region Will You Choose?

    Im so hype about this announcement!!!!! But anyway, I will be picking totodile, squirtle and chickorita most likely.
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    no problem man. I have a ton of them

    no problem man. I have a ton of them
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    8/10 random quotes are pretty cool
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    Does Hell exist? And if it does, do we deserve it?

    I personally believe that hell is your grave.
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    How Do You Organize Your Boxes?

    I try to put pokemon I caught to trade in later boxes and pokemon I'm going to keep/Favs in earlier boxes.
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    my team of pwners in platnum

    I think they're a bit low myself, but that's purely opinion. I don't like the crappy HM moves that are mixed in their movesets either.
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    my team of pwners in platnum

    lolz my empoleon is lv. 92 Im lovin the feraligatr though
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    What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

    Favorite pokemon: Feraligatr Least favorite pokemon: rattata Favorite type: Steel or water Least favorite type: Ghost/Bug
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    Who still has their Old Gateau?

    Lol, I still have mine too along with a bunch of other stuff im never using.
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    Favorite starter?

    torchic, but my favorite of all is totodile