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    I tried searching both the forum and this specific thread, but the site kept timing out while searching, so... Is it possible for a user to change their own name?
  2. K

    The final taboo... incest

    ...is it even necessary to point out how hypocritical this is?
  3. K

    What The Next eevee name should be

    thar shud b a groundtype called groudneon
  4. K

    "No Return, No Exchange" Policy

    Stores have a right to set their own policies. Customers should know what they want before they buy it. In addition, the manufacturer of a damaged product will generally take it back even if the store won't, so that's not even a valid exception.
  5. K

    New Law?

    The agreement is being secretly negotiated secretly negotiated So how did the writer of that scare tactic email find out?
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    Yeah, Sird, what the American fanbase of a Japanese comic agrees on is totally going to be canon.
  7. K

    Flat Earth vs. Round Earth

    Is this thread serious? Oh my god.
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    The latest "Q&A" on Netkun

    Question: There's something I noticed. I heard that in foreign translations of PokeSpe, Green is called Blue and Blue is called Green. Is this true? (Asked by reader Minon-san) Answer: It is true. In America, the games Japan called Red and Green were called Red and Blue. The hero was Red, and...
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    Furries: Freak of Nature or Harmless Hobby?

    It's no different from cosplaying human characters. Of course, the types of furries popularized by, say, the TV show CSI -- the ones who are into yiffing real animals and all that junk -- are gross, but comparing ordinary furries to people like that is like comparing shota fans to pedophiles. Or...
  10. K

    Where is the manga?

    Which manga? There are lots.
  11. K

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    I think Ling and Greed sort of "switched places". Greed can't be gone yet; while Ling's pwnage of him was epic, there needs to be more.
  12. K


    And then in volume... 14, I think, there's a montage of a bunch of random Pokemon trainers all over the country, and that same woman is shown taking a bath with a Tentacool.
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    Girl!Blue looks like Yuri Fuyude from Wandaba Style.
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    'Reverse' Safari Zone

    I think this'd only work if the only Pokemon that show up are ones you've already caught, and no one-time-only Pokemon, to keep people from getting annoyed.
  15. K

    Do you think life on other planets in possible.

    HyenaHaze, would you mind elaborating on that? I've read tons on Mobius Strips and haven't seen anything saying that.
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    Gambling your soul?

    Now redo it with either the percentage of Christians who are in jail, or the percentage of inmates who are atheists, and it'll work.
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    Gambling your soul?

    Hikari, none of that is true. The prophecy about two towers falling was made up after 9/11 and incorrectly attributed to Nostradamus, not the Bible. And there have always been wars. Name one time when the entire human race was at peace. GhostAnime, as for you: For your reading pleasure, the...
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    Remembering Pokemoncenter.com

    Since you've never heard of Pokemoncenter.com, it was an official website, not some fansite like Pokemon Crater. *insert THE MORE YOU KNOW rainbow*
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    Gambling your soul?

    "80% of inmates are Christian" is not the same format as ".2% of all atheists are incarcerated." You're willfully misstating this. For the statements to be comparable, you would have to give the percentage of the Christian population that is in jail, or the percentage of all inmates that are...