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  1. Monozu

    Reshiram or Zekrom?

    I played White so ended up with Zekrom, but I've always liked Reshiram more.
  2. Monozu

    Favorite B/W music

    Opelucid (White), Route 10, Relic Castle, and Undella (Winter) are the most nostalgic ones for me. All of the soundtrack is great, though
  3. Monozu

    Where can I find a copy of either game?

    If you're willing to play the game in Japanese, the Japanese versions of all the Gen V games are still being sold second hand for $25 - $30. ...Otherwise, you'll just have to trawl eBay until you find someone who isn't asking for $250 per game.
  4. Monozu

    Why are HGSS held up as pinnacles of main series Pokemon games?

    The amount of content the game has, pretty much. I'm 15 hours into my playthrough of Soil Silver and have only just reached Morty (4th gym leader). 15 hours in BW and I would be at the Elite Four or further. Don't get me wrong, I like BW - but SoulSilver encourages you to play at a slower...
  5. Monozu

    SerebiiForums 2022 Fanfic Awards and General Forum Activity

    I rarely post here, and I've never posted fanfic anywhere, so my opinion probably isn't as relevant. And the forum probably doesn't need more bot activity considering the amount of spam I see here tbh. But still. To integrate the forums with Discord better, maybe you could set up a bot which...
  6. Monozu

    Best R/S/E themes?

    Evergrande and Verdanturf really stick out to me.
  7. Monozu

    The Weather Trio

    Rayquaza 100%
  8. Monozu

    Thoughts on the Elemental Monkeys?

    The unevolved forms are pretty cute. The evolved forms range from OK (the grass one) to downright ugly (Simipour - which looks greasy.)
  9. Monozu

    How Different Was SPPF from when you first joined?

    Reading through this thread gives me nostalgia for a time I didn't experience (although I don't think I would miss the overly edgy jokes). Super interesting stuff.
  10. Monozu


    I think Wally's (intended) development from a sickly, weak kid to a top trainer is much more distinctive than if he was another jerk rival - the only other trainer who goes from being weak to an actual rival is probably Hau, and even then they're two rather different characters personality-wise...
  11. Monozu

    Darkrai, Shaymin & Arceus

    My first copy of HeartGold had a Hall of Origins Arceus, but I'm pretty sure that was hacked in. Otherwise, I never had the chance to get the event Pokemon. I'm not even sure if they were distributed where I live.
  12. Monozu

    Any body still playing these games?

    My younger brother is playing Diamond for the first time. The game's older than he is, so it's safe to say that yes, people are still playing these games...
  13. Monozu

    Where in the Pokémon world would you like to retire to?

    Mossdeep City, Hoenn. I love the setting, with its cliffs, beaches and flowers. It also has a space station and Steven Stone lives there; how much cooler can it get?
  14. Monozu

    The Shippers Confessional Thread

    - Ash isn't so dislikable or thick-headed that no one would ever be attracted to him... rather, he's a ten year old who just doesn't consider dating and romance yet, and that's why shipping him - with anybody - strikes me as strange. - I don't get people who enjoy shipping so much they spend a...
  15. Monozu

    Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)

    Most of the legendaries after Gen IV are extremely forgettable. There are too many at this point.
  16. Monozu

    The Faults of Gen IV

    Diamond & Pearl are the only main series Pokemon games I can't bring myself to finish. The plot and setting feels incomplete without Giratina's involvement, and like everyone says, the game... is... so... so... slow. (I loved Platinum, though). While I don't think it's necessarily a flaw...
  17. Monozu

    The Faults of Generation V

    The early Gym Leaders in BW1 (Lenora and Elesa in particular) were really tough, which I thought was fun, but the final few were pushovers. I would have liked it if they gave Skyla, Brycen, and Iris/Drayden more than three Pokemon. Quite a few of them have multiple of the same species so their...
  18. Monozu

    The Faults of Generation V

    I don't disagree that BW began to lower the difficulty, but I'd say Cynthia was unfairly difficult even for a champion.
  19. Monozu

    Hardest Gym Leader

    Morty's Hypnosis was really irritating. I found Falkner extremely difficult, too.
  20. Monozu

    Dream World

    One thing I especially loved in the Dream World was the trainer customisation, where you could buy different outfits and create a sprite of your character. At the time I was always making my own trainer sprites in MS Paint, so it's not surprising I enjoyed that, haha. I also liked growing...