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    Raptured Shadows - An Okage Role Play

    Thanks! This rpg looks awsome!
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    Raptured Shadows - An Okage Role Play

    Name: Piper Gender: Female Age: 17 Appearence: Piper is about 5 feet 6 inches, with natural pure white hair that goes down to her lower back. She has a nice face, and long eyelashes, and full lips. She has both of her ears pierced, and her earrings are little earth globes. She loves the...
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    Gardenia, best developed Gym leader in the series?

    I agree with you, she's got a great personality, tom-boy and a girly girl when it comes to grass types.
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    Snorunt and Ralts Evolutions

    Galade and Froslass, much, much bettah!
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    Brock's Happiny

    [squeeky voice] Hey ash, Im your rival, come on my cheerleaders,cheer![/squeeky voice] Anyways, I like happiny, it should not evolve.
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    Hi. Eat your vegies.
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    one little tear?

    I know I'll cry if that little green gal got taken away. Yes, Cacnea is a girl.
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    What anime series are you currently watching?

    Im currently watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden on youtube.
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    Pokemon Genders

    Hmm.....Pika is most def a male. You would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to see that.
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    one little tear?

    That mean 'ol paul....
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    DP 54-58 Summaries

    I cant wait for these eps to come out in the u.s!!
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    Wow, I didn't realize how slow Sinnoh is going compared to Hoenn! (ep comparison!)

    It is going pretty slow. Ash only has like two badges....
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    Who is going to be the next person to get a new Pokemon? What will it be...?

    HAHAHA!!! Your stupidity makes me ROFL!!! Why the hell would Dawn get a friggen shroomish? Is it because you are high on shrooms right now? Anyways, to answer your question, I think Jessie will be the next one, and I think she will get a Nidorina, Skorupi or a Yanma.
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    DP054: Cacnea and Gardenia: Farewell is for Whom Discussion

    Did bronzong's gyro ball look like a ball? No. It was energy ball.
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    DP054: Cacnea and Gardenia: Farewell is for Whom Discussion

    Come on people, you know that attack is energy ball..........
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    Have you ever...

    Yes, of all level 50 clefable..........good times
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    Do you hate Milotic?

    Y.E.S. I do love its un evolved form, Feebas though.
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    Whats up with Brock

    ....yeah, latino people live in Japan. Thats where they are from. Japino Americans. Anyways, he's just different, get over it.
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    Team Rocket's Next Pokemon - Catch/Leave

    We all know that James would never just give away his beloved cookie monster, at least he would trade it, and I know its going to be for a Tangy or Skorupi.
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    DP 053 "Chimchars Tears" Speculation Thread

    Im pretty sure we ALL know that. Read the posts, its in almost EVERY ONE.