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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    What are some feasible wish passers that could learn at least one of these moves, isn't a necessity, Thunder Wave, Baton Pass, U-turn? EDIT: I only want at least one of those moves
  2. D

    Flawed OU Rain Team?

    I'mm thinking Lum Berry on Dragonite, the item speaks for itslef but the reason behind it is that you have got Roost, it restores your HP but if your statused it becomes rather redundant. Since it's a rain team you shouldn't worry about sandstorm damage effecting multi-scale. Just a small...
  3. D

    TrapMaster's OU Team

    Dude you have a major terrakion weakness especially to scarf varients. It outspeeds your entire team and can dent it with STAB moves. The only thing you got is dugtrio but you know its defences so your screwed basically. I suggest you switch out Dugtrio or someone for something along the lines...
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    Worst Competitive Stuff Ever

    Dusknoir, it has great defences but for just tanking it's younger brother is better. It has an awesome movepool but it's attacks are average and it's to slow to be a sweeper. Pressure is good for PP stalling but it doesn't have any reliable recovery. Pain split is an alternative but 45 base HP...
  5. D

    Ideas for thread skins

    What about steel/ ground theme. It should include pokemon like Metagross, Rypherior with like a volcanic/ mountainy background or will it be to similar to the current rock theme? Also why not create a theme based around Volcarona, I think its colour scheme is very good and it is a butterfly or...
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    Which Gen had the Best Side Games?

    I really enjoyed pokemon mystery dungeon 1, the game itself was actually challenging the sequel didn't repeat that magic. To many pokemon and collecting all the legends. There should have been a seperate dungeon for each one, small or big, you couldn't even get that pink Celebi *sighs* So it...
  7. D


    Ferrothorn is really good against the volt turn strategy, it can lay hazards and damages anything with U-turn, gotta be weary of hidden powers from the volt half of the strategy.
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    Jellicent - Cursed Body or Water Absorb?

    I never use water absorb sure the water immunity is useful but hey you got recover and water attacks aren't very effective but on the other hand cursed body is so damn useful when the opponent is either choiced or just has one neutral/super effective move. I know it doesn't always work but it...
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    Why Defend When You Can Attack? [A Hyper Offense RMT]

    Nice team but there is one major flaw, the Jelli-Cent core. The Jelli half walls like half your team Scizor/ Terrakion/ Lucario. Whilst Ferrothron can whittle away at Haxorus's health when outraged (no pun intended). To counteract this problem I suggest using crunch on Lucario and get another...
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    My Latest Team (5th Gen OU Competitive Team)

    Just a few suggestions, why not try focus blast on Ampharos as it helps eliminate threats like Heatran, Ttar, and Magnezone as they are relativly safe from your attacks. If you invest attack in Forretress use a relaxed nature with Gyro Ball. This is a quick rate, other things have been mentioned...
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    Kinda weird OU team (I guess)

    Your team seriously needs to be changed as terrakion really wrecks your team, 3 members of your team are weak to fighting, and volcarona can't outspeed it and has to rely on hurrican 70% accuracy and don't rely on rain as that is situational. To combat the weakness to Terrakion I recommned you...
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    A teacher tries to be funny..

    The silence must be agony for the teachers. My english teacher tried to make a joke once, it ended up offending the person it was directed at it the end.
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    So many loose ends could be tied up and especially those ruins. Can't wait for it in the UK, im going back to level grinding for THE DIRECT SEQUEL *sqeules in excitement*
  14. D

    My (still-changing) HO Team

    Just a niptick, you should replace roost on dragonite with something like earthquake, extremespeed or fire punch/ blast as roost with screens is kind of a waste. Your not meant to tank hits but obliterate opposing forces. It just wastes screens. It does provide healing but coverage is needed on...
  15. D

    My (still-changing) HO Team

    It's a HO team so it needs Latios and the screens it has to stay strong otherwise your team will crumble. Latios is a great dual screener as it can comfortably set up screens with a more appropiate spread. It doesn't have the bulk to set up screens again so I don't advise you to waste time with...
  16. D

    Where did the baton go?

    ^double post O.o^ Instead of using ninjask to Baton Pass a sword dance give it to Scizor and put substitute on Ninjask instead. Put acid armour on Vaporeon to make inpenetrable from the physical side and with scald's burn rate you can wall most physical attacks and heal with wish. I would...
  17. D

    Where did the baton go?

    Your team revolves to much about baton passing and skarmory walls most of your pokemon and can phaze with whirlwind which will disrupt your momentum. You should have more baton pass recipents and have some more special based pokemon.
  18. D

    Woooo!!111 I can do competitive!

    Can you please get rid of your old members or hide them under a spoiler tag as it makes your team so confusing to read. Put new moves in front of old moves instead of creating a line for them. Other than that I think your better off using a set like this for lucario as agility doesn't bypass the...
  19. D

    Non Weather (seriously couldnt think of a creative a name)

    Decent team but you really need to add descriptions so we can tell what the role and significane of some of your pokemon are to your team. A problem I spotted is with Terrakion especially scarfed versions as they can 2HK0- 1HKO your team bar Jellicent factoring in Leftovers. It can't KO...
  20. D

    ---Pokemon Arena---

    Latios@ Life Orb Levitate 252 Sp.Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 HP -Draco Meteor -Grass Knot -Hidden Power[Fire] -Substitute