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  1. Z

    #615 Cryogonal

    nevrmind someone frm gts gave me one lol
  2. Z

    #615 Cryogonal

    Looking for a cryogonal preferably a shiny but i understand if you dont want to give yours up because the only shiny i have in return is a bibarel lol! but yea pm me with what you are looking for!
  3. Z

    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    whenever i select either the halloween banette game or the customize button or the deerling c-gear or anything like that it will load up to 59% and just stop there like seriously annoyed with this what should i do...help...
  4. Z

    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    game sync help ok so im trying to get on the dreamworld thing so i can get banette and the stupid thing gets right up to 59% and just stays there and i finally got my pokemon to sleep and not everytime i get to the stupid musharna page it tells me theres a connection error what is happening plz...
  5. Z

    lol its cool i wound up battling with someone else but ill be back in 8hrs work:(

    lol its cool i wound up battling with someone else but ill be back in 8hrs work:(
  6. Z

    sure mine are all~lvl 50

    sure mine are all~lvl 50
  7. Z

    The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

    looking for a triple battle or 6v6 anyone in? friend code in sig! pm me if u want to battle
  8. Z

    What is/will be your team?

    Ingame: UFOPlant:i like the idea of it bieng a ufo and its my predator plant. Chandaleir:looks like a good fire type and its a flapping will-of-a-whisp Hydra-muh powerhouse and hello how could i pass up a hydra?! Bird Fossil-archaeopteryx. the word is enought to sell me. my symbol of the...
  9. Z

    What is/will be your team?

    ***Spoilers*** Starmie, Victreebel, Forretress, Porygon-Z, the Chandaleir, the new bird fossil but i also really like the u.f.o. plant, the ice cream, and the sarcophogas too...
  10. Z

    Good Ol' Rating of the User Title Above You

    lol thats rite 8/10
  11. Z

    Good Ol' Rating of the User Title Above You

    lmao 10/10 pikachu and togepi are liek *agree!*
  12. Z

    capturing latias~will this work

    gaaah! i'm such a newb ive been using my lvl 60 aggron no wonder thank you so much! but the reason i keep restarting is because i want to save all my money to buy ultra balls to get the regis. though i could just reset after a few tries so i dont have to buy so much repel! will this work?
  13. Z

    capturing latias~will this work

    ok i hope someone can help me here! i want to know if this method will work for finding latias in sapphire. i saved my game on route 121(west of Lillycove)with a max repel active. now what i do is move in the grass to see if i run into anything and if not then i restart. So far i havent run...
  14. Z

    Sprite Resources

    hi can someone give me a link to the hg/ss misty battle sprite? i could use the other gym leaders too but as long as i have misty im good;222;
  15. Z

    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    starmie is obviously my fav lol!
  16. Z

    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    personally i'm choosing the guy but i am annoyed that they replaced kris(or whatever her name was)with this new girl but at the same time she doesn't look horrible even if she looks a little like mario...
  17. Z

    Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

    no idk how but i still wouldnt i like surprises and im getting gold!!
  18. Z

    What old features do you want to stay in HGSS?

    i really liked the whole choosing 6 trainers to exchange phone numbers with. it was somewhat fun to find out how their journey was going and battle them again. but if they do bring it back i hope we have a wider selection of trainers and more phone memory.
  19. Z

    HGSS Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    ahh ok thanks for clearing that up for me. then in that case i hope for another way to get latias/latios i used them in xd and they were pretty handy in battle...
  20. Z

    Gym Leaders / Elite Four Discussion

    Jasmine-Gyro Ball/Flash Cannon ;208;Steelix-Lvl 35-Rock Head Iron Tail Rock Tomb Thunder Fang Rock Polish ;081;Magnemite-Lvl 31-Magnet Pull Magnet Bomb Spark SonicBoom Metal Sound ;181;Ampharos-Lvl 34-Static Discharge Cotton Spore Iron Tail...