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    HELP I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP - PMD [All Versions] Rescue Thread

    Someone please help me! (: EoS Dark Hill 12F 0FF481 8W556R 7@T+FS 9#J&9K 1YC&2@ 6KN4JJ +#8K@P 4FP504 W%FKC9
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    Are you going to import Platinum?

    I would.. but since i cant read Japanese.. I'm not i am just gonna hav to wait;)
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    Friend code for new DS

    I got a new DS and when i try to go into the wifi room it says information from the Nintendo DS and game card don't match. and then it says if you update Nintendo wifi, you will lose all the data that was used to connect to nintendo wifi.. does that mean that i will lose all my Pokemon and...
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    Your Top Ten Animes.

    Here are my fav's.. (in no particular order) 1.Kodocha 2.Fruits Basket 3.Inuyasha 4.Naruto 5.Bleach 6.Cowboy bebop 7.Lucky star 8.Slayers 9.One Piece 10.Pokemon
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    Sthwarrior50's Request Shop 2.0

    Template Name: Celestial Awakening Pokemon Wanted: Empoleon, Tyranitar, flygon, Glaceon, Ho-Oh, Staraptor Badges Wanted: Sinnoh Trainer Sprite Link: Name, FC#, ID#: name: Zenara Fc-- 2234-3612-6411 Extras: Can i have flygon next to me?? Thanx
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    Whichs Rattatta do you hate more>

    I hate pretty much all of them because they popped up in the game so much and annoyed me -_-.. but i hate Bidoof the most.. I mean rattata is ok because he was the first.. Sentret and Zigzagoon were both cute.. but Bidoof is plain ugly and he is not strong at all
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    favourite trio

    my fav legendary trio are Entei,Suicune and Raikou probably because i love Raikou
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    Did You Start Off As A Boy Or A Girl In D/P?

    i chose a girl because i am one and because the boy looks kinda dumb
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    hey i hope you have a great time posting !! ~coalietiger96;006;
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    What's your age..

    I like pokemon since i was about 5.. Wow.. and I'm 11 now
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    Rate how well known the above user is

    1/10.. sorry never seen you before..
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    battle me

    sure after i have a battle again with my friend
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    battle me

    Sorry i accidently pressed run,, i always do it its so annoying
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    battle me

    ok i'll add you
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    battle me

    who wants to battle me now;107;
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    battle me

    kenny my ds said ur friend code is wrong
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    battle me

    we r gonna do a lv 100 battle
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    battle me

    my ds said that friend code was wrong..
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    battle me

    ok i'll battle u kenny i am gonna use my ubers.. post ur friend code again
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    battle me

    ok.. can i use my ubers this time?