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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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    (U)topia [RP] - Rated R

    RENJI AOKI - Veil Assassin Club Room - 3:30~pm. "You're a life saver, Val!" Replies the young man, catching the drink with a grateful smile. It turns to embarrassed, though, as she was very much right - sometimes, he needed the damn thermos clipped to him at all times. Nervously, he scratches...
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    (U)topia [RP] - Rated R

    RENJI AOKI - Veil Assassin West Dormitories - 3:16pm "Dude! You need to stop passing out on that deck!" Loud, boisterous laughter was heard inside of a dormitory on the third floor. Inside, Renji Aoki and two of his friends were laughing, smiling, going over details of a small party they...
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    (U)topia [SU] - Rated R

    Apologies for the bump, but my character sheet is ready for review! Name: Renji Aoki Age: 22 Gender: Male Sexuality: Panromantic demisexual Major: Journalism Alias/Codename: Veil Class: Assassin: -The assassin typically combines combat ability with strong stealth skills, and...
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    yo, whatup, it's ya boi B) still tryin' to get used to this lmao.

    yo, whatup, it's ya boi B) still tryin' to get used to this lmao.
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    (U)topia [SU] - Rated R

    Hey - sorry to get in on this last minute, but is it alright if I try and snag that last spot if you haven't already decided on it? I'm whipping up a SU sheet now.