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    Is there a race double standard in the media?

    by its dictionary definition, sure. by the sociological definition, the one used by people who study these things for a living, no. i prefer to say that white people can be victims of racial prejudice, and that's different than racism. they're really not comparable.
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    The Gender Double Standard

    sex != gender. the only gender-related health problems men have are the mental problems that trans men might have, and cissexism is a result of misogyny, so really it's only any sort of body dysphoria that could not be resolved with surgery or hormones. a very small percentage.
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    Is there a race double standard in the media?

    i knew as soon as i clicked on this thread that it would be white people whining about all the racism we apparently face.
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    The Gender Double Standard

    lol @ this thread you people do realize that 99% of the problems men face because of their gender are rooted in misogyny, right
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    What is "Wrong" with Homosexuality?

    lol why is what the apa thinks even an issue if you think homosexuality is wrong then it falls on you to prove why (here i'll save you some time: you can't)
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    HGSS and the Beast.

    you couldn't possibly have tested this. that said, bellyring doesn't have a weakness to fighting necessarily. just a weakness to any priority ever. scizor shouldn't give you much trouble with rotom and skarm, but things like mach punch ape and aqua jet empoleon/feraligator might.
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    How would you arm yourself?

    sand attack/mud slap are legal, so keen eye is still worthless. hyperoffensive gravity team gogogogo!
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    A slight less standard Sandstorm!

    If you want to be really cool you can use Hippopotas and stick this in UU. I would replace Dream Eater on Drifloon with Thunderbolt or HP Ice/Grass/Fire (idk about type I am NU/UU noob). And for Cacturne, Swords Dance or Seed Bomb over Cotton Spore. Maybe something with para support, such as...
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    The Autism thread

    10/10, great troll, thanks for the bump. i'd love to decide whether autism/asperger's syndrome should be cured or not on a case-by-case basis. imo only severe cases should be treated, and then only with consent of the person (or parents, below a certain age that i would place right around...
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    What does it matter to Atheists if Christians don't believe what they do?

    Rabbits will absorb their childrens' cells back into their bodies if they run into a lack of food or water. I counted three. I've always thought atheism was a firm belief in no god, and agnosticism was a lack of belief. Someone explain?
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    The Autism thread

    But Spongebob goes up and talks to people out of nowhere. Blackjack you say you're social at cons but so am I, because I know I have things in common with people there. But Spongebob just goes up and makes small talk and tries to be friends. I hardly ever have panic attacks about anything...
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    Shipping Face-Off

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    The Autism thread

    Ah, true. So Spongebob might be autistic then? He still strikes me as being too social, though. I'm pretty high-functioning, moreso than most autistic people I have met on the internet, and I'm still a lot less outgoing than him.
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    The Autism thread

    k. no, i would say he just has no social skills. but characters like jiri? it goes deeper than that with them. yes, it is. the less-extreme ones, yes. ahahaha guarantee, it does not mean what you think it means. spongebob? too social imo, though he seems to have the naievity...
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    Shipping Face-Off

    Gymshipping, my first serious Misty ship.
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    "Criminally Responsible"

    why are you so against this idea? it keeps him out of the public and puts him in a place where people know how to deal with him. he's still being punished, mental hospitals are pretty much prisons with shrinks.
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    Shipping Face-Off

    Gymshipping (Kasumi/Misty x Takeshi/Brock) <3
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    Shipping Face-Off

    Haha, wrong thread? Coldcoffee!
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    Does the world need more Atheist?

    your words, you need to look at them before you post.
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    Shipping Face-Off