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    Whats your favourite underated pokemon?

    Corsola, it rally desrerves an evolution!
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    What was your favorite 4th Gen game?

    Heartgold. So much to do: pokeathlon, Kanto :D, gym leaders rematches and Johto is my fav region so....Seond is Platinum bcs you get your own villa at the end, pkm contests are also interesting...
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    Easiest/Hardest Gym Leader.

    Easiest- Falkner Hardest- Tate and Liza- I alway have to fight them at least 3 times to beat them -.-
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    Traditions to playing the game.

    1. Never ditch my starter 2. Psychic type pkmn is obligatory in my team (psychic is my fav type) 3. If eevee is available before E4 in a game, it has to be in my team, eeveelutions <3 4. I never use legendaries
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    How do you play your game?

    I plan my team ahead.I pick my starter then I look for others to cover it's weaknesses, then I see which pkmn are available before E4 and I usually don't rotate,It's easier to train my original six so I plan them carefully...
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    Favorites Thread: PLACES

    1. What’s your favorite POKEMON GAME? Pokemon SoulSilver 2. What's your favorite REGION? Johto 3. What’s your favorite CITY/TOWN? Olivine City 4. What's your favorite LANDMARK ICON? Seafoam Islands 6. What's your favorite ROUTE? Route 12 in Kanto, the one with the Silence bridge 7. What's...
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    Favorites Thread: POKEMON

    Favorite Starter? Snivy so far Favorite Legendary? Latios Favorite Eeveelution? Love them ALLl but Leafeon is probably my fave Favorite Shiny? Azumarill Favorite alternate form? Mega Ampharos Favorite Pseudo Legendary? Salamance Favorite Regional Bird...
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    Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

    Bug- Leavanny(fav)-Pineco(least fav) Dark-Umbreon-Shiftry Dragon-Altaria-Dragonite Electric-Ampharos-Electrode Fighting-Gallade-Machoke Fire-Vulpix-Emboar Flying-Xatu-Sigilyph Ghost-Froslass-Spiritomb Grass-Serperior-Shiftry Ground-Flygon-Dugtrio Ice-Froslass-Cyrogonal Normal-Ambipom-Raticate...
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    What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

    FAV pkmn: Froslass FAV type: psychic Least FAV pkmn: Garbodor Least FAV type: Steel
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    What is the most UN-creative Pokemon?

    Voltorb and Electrode definitely
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    Hottest pokemon girls

    Skyla na d Elesa IMO
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    what animals haven't been turned into Pokémon yet?

    Dolpin Flamingo Koala those are the ones I can think of
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    What's your Pokeproblem?

    That Garbodor exists- it' a pile of trash Whitney's Miltank- Made my childhood into living hell that my attacks never result in critical hits while foe's always do Being poisoned Being paralyzed for 5 turns
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    What is your signature Pokemon?

    Froslass, I only used it in Platinum and despite getting it late in game, it was awesome and it's my favourite pkmn ever since
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    With which types do you build your team?

    Well, after I pick a starter, I look for others that will cover it's weaknesses but there are 3 must have for me: Water, Psychic and Flying, others are often: electric ,ice and grass types I rarely use: fire ( except my Blaziken in Emerald- so far the only fire type I've ever used), bug, steel, rock
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    Cutest Pokemon discussion!!

    Eevee for me
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    Your Pokemon Crime Team

    1- HONCHKROW- my primary sidekick, has an eye for valuable things 2 .DRIFBLIM- pretty fast air transportation + can be invisible 3. GARDEVOIR-teleport but mostly because of hypnosis and it's psychic powers 4. ROSELIA - stun spore, grass whistle and toxic can come in handy 5. EMPOLEON- to cover...
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    Corsola and Sunflora are unloved
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    Wich pokémon do you hate the most?

    Why does everyone hate jynx soo much, it worked fine for me The pokemon I hate is Dragonite, Imo he's way overrated, overused and I simply don't like it
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    Pokémon you don't like?

    I despise Dragonite!