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    How long as has it been since I've visited? A year?

    Hey Turbo. ^_^ Thanks for the complimente~
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    How long as has it been since I've visited? A year?

    Lol, yeah, I like flashy shitty effects and chaotic-ness. And hey IronSceptile. XD I remember youuuuu. Don't remember much about your tags though. XD Glad to see ya.
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    bleh, long time.

    lol, Hey Zuma. Your collabs own. d=
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    SPPf Graphic Tutorial Thread

    I have some more. This is a Semi-Professional Large Piece, by an artist known as Lucidity. http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/5/9/1064197/Behind%20the%20Wall%20Tutorial.png I wrote the tutorial for it. http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/5/9/1064197/Abstract%20Steel%20TUT.png Tutorial and Tag by...
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    - °Elite Art Club° -

    http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=311986 Why you want to join: Heh, it gets lonely when you're just roaming around with people you don't know. xd I'll help people improve; I've been doing graphics for a year or so now. I've been critiquing people's tags and I am active when...
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    How long as has it been since I've visited? A year?

    Wow, tons of people I don't know here, ever since I joined. I still hope K-os or Turbonegro are here; haven't seen them in a while. What about Narmagi? I've always been a fan of Narmagi's works. ;D Anyway, here are some of my recent works ever since my last visit...
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    Comment please. Contact me at bwak8p@gmail.com for MSN if you wanna talk.
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    Some new ones

    Wow. Thanks so much JK! And I've been noted for messy effects in the past, as well as sharpening. Those are my weaknesses. :\ I'll improve. I got rated Low Moderate. Here are some more recents, SPPF members.
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    August Banner Contest

    lol I still suck balls. xd I'll try not to win the next one. Congrats Ina and uh... Winter Angel, cause it's a lot easier to spell and say and it's in your Member title. lol I really liked your entries!
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    August Banner Contest

    As I see it, the contest has ended.
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    Some new ones

    Thanks for C&Cing Iron. Messy? Has that nice clean look except the two-three red C4D's on the left.
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    Some new ones

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    Banner Tutorial thread

    I forget to check every once in a while. :)
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    August Banner Contest

    Auurrrrr???? I don't know what you're talking about. :P I haven't been able to talk to you for like ... ever. How's GI?
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    Some new ones

    Yeah, these tags were really messy. Especially the ones I didn't put any effort into. XD But Yoshi was my favorite anyhow. On the bright side, I got some new KH stocks, and I'm making a KH signature album. NON-KH sigs. Otherwise, not much to show here.
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    Falcons banners

    Erhem, Falcon, do you go to PR? Anyway, your signatures are overall pretty good. Nice colors and effects, and you're very creative IMO. That's what good artists have: creativity.Your baseball one was ruined, because of the scanlines. And your Diddy one - messy.But just keep working and...
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    Some new tags

    My gawd you're pretty good with anime renders. Not to mention you're one of the best at dealing with depth. D: The third one is my favorite, because of the effects near the lighting and the depth, very nice job on those. And then I like your last one, the sprite. Very nice flow, colors, depth...
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    August Banner Contest

    I think you should update the rules with the judges thing.
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    Some new ones

    Cnc plz.
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    August Banner Contest