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  1. Marku

    My opinion on HMs (gen I-VI)

    I wouldn't mind if they brought back HMs , a powerbuff would be good to some of the weaker ones. I liked seeing my own pokemon using the moves (Flying, Surf etc)
  2. Marku

    I am a Fighting Type breeder, i specialize in physical fighting type Pocket Monsters.

    I am a Fighting Type breeder, i specialize in physical fighting type Pocket Monsters.
  3. Marku

    Return to Classic Pokémon

    I think Gamefreak would give themselves less work and to be able to make things faster if Pokemon went back to its 2D roots, like SubtleVVeirdoh mentions above. They would still turn out a profit by moving back to 2D because it's pokemon. I am currently playing through Platinum, White1/2 and...
  4. Marku

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata dead

    very sad news indeed :-( RIP Satoru san
  5. Marku

    General Character Discussion

    Aster is probably her sister or something...
  6. Marku

    Most memorable Pokemon moment?

    Back in what i think was 1998 i saw my first ever Pokemon; Charmander trying to flamethrower all the exeggcutors running into this town on the anime and it evolved into a Charmeleon. I immediately bought the Red game that weekend and picked the Charmander :-)
  7. Marku

    should i get a wii for pokemon revolution etc?

    one of these mobile phone deals ive seen with carphone warehouse has on offer a free wii, mini laptop, xbox depending on the contract you pick. i'd be interested in pokemon revolution and my g/f would like mario/zelda type games, what do you guys think? i was tempted for the dsi but...
  8. Marku

    How long have you been playing D/P ?

    i feel ashamed :( ive only played 20 hours. but ive been busy with revision for re-sit exams and i only got it a week-ish ago. i completed 4th gym last night.
  9. Marku

    Which do you like better? Manga or Anime

    i preferred the manga too. ive only been reading the red story so far but i like it alot.
  10. Marku

    Toys 'R' Us UK Mew Giveaway Event Discussion

    Ill be going to Southampton 20th one probably.
  11. Marku

    Trainer Name!! What will YOURS Be? Have you decided?

    ive gone with Marku for Pearl(JAP) and will use same name for Diamond US/UK. I almost never go female trainer.
  12. Marku

    What type of Gym leader would YOU be?

    I'd be a fighting gym. not sure what i'd use on my team though.
  13. Marku

    The Complete Importing Thread

    i imported pearl and ive enjoyed playing it , the language thing slows the game down alittle but you figure it out in the end.
  14. Marku

    Pokemon UK EVENT!!

    /bump as a reminder to people who havent read this yet. Wouldnt want someone to miss this event, its rare they do this in europe these days. i wish they'd give us Pikachu with Surf :-(
  15. Marku

    Pokemon UK EVENT!!

    I could do with lugia, ho oh and latias and if i get time etc, the pikachu with special item
  16. Marku

    Pokemon UK EVENT!!

    http://www.pokemon.co.uk/index2.php which event are you all going to? and what pokemon would you want to download from that top 10 list? Ill probably goto the Southampton Events.
  17. Marku

    Who's preordered D/P from Japan?

    I have (Pearl) and Grem's going to order ASAP(Diamond). Who else has preordered?
  18. Marku

    UK Pokémon Gamers Club

    yeah im southampton too. ^_^ did you ever goto the pokemon championship 2000 in bargate?
  19. Marku

    Pokemon Breeder's Club

    hey guys, can i join this club?
  20. Marku

    UK Pokémon Gamers Club

    hi can i join this club?